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#CTTalks 1, Ending: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Join us in the Wesley Covenant Prayer as we center ourselves for our work together at General Conference 2016 and learn about November's focus on Christian conferencing. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 4: Frequently Asked Questions about General Conference 2016

What are some of the questions being asked regarding General Conference 2016? Learn about proposed changes to the way General Conference works. View

#CTTalks 1, Week 3: The Importance of Communication

What do first-time delegates to General Conference need to know? Learn how General Conference 2016 hopes to facilitate communication and increase effectiveness in our work together. View

Phileas Jusu and Julu Swen were named 2014 United Methodist Communicators of the Year for their coverage of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Photo by Art McClanahan

African communicators take top honors

Two African writers were named United Methodist Communicators of the Year. Read More

Bishop John K. Yambasu, chairman of the Religious Leaders Task Force in Sierra Leone, demonstrates a safe way of greeting instead of the traditional handshake. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS.

Correcting misinformation in the Ebola crisis

Larry Hollon says the church is uniquely positioned to help with prevention initiatives in Africa because it has leaders who live in the affected regions and are trusted by the local people. Read More

Promoting your church's online presence. Photo illustration courtesy United Methodist Communications.

Tips for enhancing your church’s online presence

From outdoor signs to submitting your address to search engines, find ways to help potential members find your website - and you. Read More

The first Ebola text message from Bishop John Innis addresses both health and spiritual needs. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Ebola: Texting hope and busting myths

Larry Hollon explains how a history-making text message from Bishop John Innis in Liberia can reach people across broad distances and help save lives. Read More

Accurate messages crucial in malaria, Ebola fight

While malaria is curable, Ebola is not. There is real concern that fear will keep malaria patients from seeking treatment and deaths will rise. Getting accurate information out is critical. Read More

Poverty: The common vector

Rev. Larry Hollon says as TV coverage of the Ebola crisis wanes, we must continue 'telling the story' of the people who are suffering. Read More

Ebola response counters fear, disbelief

The Ebola crisis has exposed not only the under-resourced health systems in West Africa, but also the lack of communications infrastructure essential to everyday survival, writes the Rev. Larry Hollon. Read More

Communication is aid in Ebola fight

Misinformation and misunderstanding about Ebola abound, and communications plays a critical role in containing the disease, writes the Rev. Larry Hollon. Read More

Free flow of information is critical in crisis

The Rev. Larry Hollon says, in a crisis like Ebola, misinformation can create panic. ‘The free flow of accurate information is essential to global well-being.’ Read More

United Methodists, including Beatrice Gbanga (seated at table), medical and health coordinator for the church's Sierra Leone Annual Conference, help spread the word about Ebola during the kickoff for the national Maternal and Child Health Week at the soccer stadium in Bo, Sierra Leone, in June.

Church uses communications to combat Ebola outbreak

The United Methodist Church is responding to the outbreak of deadly Ebola in West Africa with a communications strategy aimed at saving lives and reassuring people of God’s presence. Read More

Rethink Church releases new mobile app

United Methodist Communications invites you to not only Rethink Church, but to also Rethink Christmas. Read More

Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy

The gift of prophecy is the ability to speak God’s word to others, or more appropriately to be open for God to speak God’s word through us. Read More

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