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Video image from a service at AfterHours Denver.

UMTV: Bar Church Serves All

United Methodist pastor Jerry Herships does not preach at a pulpit, but at a pub. He leads worship services, and invites congregants to do service, at a bar in Denver. View

Jerry Herships serves Communion in a Denver park. Video image by United Methodist Communications.

Professional Comic Turned Preacher: Rev. Jerry Herships

Jerry Herships went from show biz to soul biz. "I used to be a comedian, emcee and host. That's still what I am. I host 'happy hours' for God." View

United Methodists plan Sand Creek project

As massacre's 150th anniversary approaches, denomination wants to set record straight on Methodist involvement and work on healing. Read More

2012: A year’s worth of disasters

As pain stretched across continents and touched some places already damaged, United Methodists throughout the connection responded. Read More

UMTV: Church Rethinks School Lunches

Pastor says meal program is "not about churchianity; it's about Christianity. It's not about the building, it's about the people we are building." View

Pastor mourns friend killed in Aurora shooting

Denver-area pastor helps others in Aurora theater tragedy as she comes to grips with loss of someone she knew well. Read More

Aurora community gathers for prayer

United Methodists join others in prayer for victims, survivors of theatre shooting rampage in Colorado. Read More

United Methodists open doors in disasters

From Colorado to the Atlantic coast, churches have worked to help those suffering in the clutches of the summer of 2012. Read More

Colorado Springs fire bypasses church

Staff evacuates Wilson UMC as Waldo Canyon fire spreads to part of city. Read More

‘Grandfamilies’ provide love, sanctuary

Grandparents thrown back in the parenting game face many challenges. United Methodist grandparents Mollie and John Moore share their story. Read More

Finding God in unexpected places

Denver encounter with a homeless man reminds traveler that 'we all have a hole in our soul.' Read More

Otto Braided Hair visits the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in Colorado. UMNS photos by Ginny Underwood.

United Methodists share in Sand Creek sorrow

In 1864, troops led by a Methodist minister slaughtered a village of peaceful Arapaho and Cheyenne. Read More

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