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The Rev. Tiffany Nagel Monroe and her father, the Rev. Alan Nagel were ordained into the Oklahoma Annual Conference, June 1, 2016. Photo by Hugh Scott, Oklahoma Annual Conference.

A church first: United Methodist father, daughter ordained same day

Alan Nagel and his daughter went through seminary and became clergy together. She kids him now, “Those are all the Father’s Day presents for the rest of your life.” Read More

The Rev. HiRho Y. Park. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Topic: Women in Leadership

As preachers, leaders, teachers, missionaries, organizers, women have shaped the history of the Methodist Church. Read More

Marilyn Spurrell and her daughter, Amy Atkins, are pastors at Faith United Methodist Church in Fargo. David Samson, courtesy of Forum News Service. Edited by

Mother/daughter pastors learn from each other

"Are you sure you want to work with your mom?!" asked Amy Atkins’ friends, but as she says, "I'm very grateful that it worked out that way." Read More

Darian Duckworth and her stuffed animal congregation. Photo courtesy of Rev. Duckworth.

Hearing a female preacher, I heard my calling

Darian Duckworth began preaching to her stuffed animals at age 5. In her blog, the young pastor recalls the impact of seeing Lisa Osteen in the pulpit and of the Osteen family’s ministry. Read More

Marjorie Swank Matthews, first woman bishop of The United Methodist Church, 1980. Photo courtesy Archives and History.

Women of Distinction

From the first woman approved to preach the gospel at annual conference to the first female bishop, these women paved the way for today's leaders. Read More

Book of Resolutions: Every Barrier Down: Toward Full Embrace of All Women in Church and Society

According to this statement from the Book of Resolutions, the church affirms "the full equality of women, and has historically decried institutional sexism in all forms." Read More

Why does The United Methodist Church ordain women?

Clergywomen have been part of Methodism since John Wesley licensed Sarah Crosby to preach in 1761. Read More

Commentary: Women in the Ministry

The Rev. Diana DeWitt considers the question of whether women should serve as clergy through the Wesleyan quadrilateral, using Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Read More

Commentary: Why Do United Methodists Ordain Women When the Bible Specifically Prohibits It?

According to Tom McAnally, "One reference from Paul may appear to rule out the ordination of women, but United Methodists also take into account other scriptural references as well as our tradition, experience and reason." Read More

Commentary: Women in Ministry

The Rev. Joy J. Moore considers three biblical texts commonly used to argue that women should not be preachers. Read More

Commentary: United Methodism and the Ordination of Women

On the question of the ordination of women, The Rev. Dr. Frank Gulley says that Methodists begin by underscoring the point that all baptized Christians are ministers of the gospel. Read More

Commentary: The Ordination of Women

In considering this question, The Rev. Dr. Steve Harper reminds us that contemporary theology of ordination cannot be read back into the biblical text, but the ministry of women in the early church is instructive. Read More

With help from U.S. partners, women from Latin American participated in a Methodist Women Leadership Conference in Perú. Photo courtesy General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Supporting clergywomen in Latin America

With help from U.S. partners, women from Latin America participated in a Methodist Women Leadership Conference in Perú. “As good Methodists, we made connections!” Read More

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