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Professor coaches clergy in “Sermon 101”

Preacher-in-residence helps pastors “find fresh metaphors and take risks to connect better with people in the pews.” Read More

Reinstated bishop’s next move unknown

The situation is unprecedented. One possibility is that Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe would go to the New Mexico/ Northwest Texas Area. Read More

Bishops of the United Methodist Church in Angola lay hands on a new pastor during a 2006 ordination service at the West Angola Annual Conference session at the Icolo e Bengo United Methodist Church in Luanda. The United Methodist Church in Angola played a

Court to weigh end of clergy job guarantees

Proponents say changes will help bishops make "missional appointments." Critics worry of potential for abuse. Read More

Bledsoe appeals removal as bishop

Bishop challenges the constitutionality of provision used to place him on involuntary retirement. Read More

Bishops in the Methodist tradition: 1784 through today

The precedent was set in 1784 for elections that have evolved and been modified throughout the years since. Read More

U.S. bishops elected, assigned for 2012-16

United Methodists also place a bishop on involuntary retirement and respond to shooting in Colorado. Read More

What goes on a bishop’s report card?

Since 2008, The United Methodist Church's law book has required formal evaluations of the denomination's bishops. Read More

Black caucus expresses concern over Bledsoe

Black Methodists for Church Renewal question the process that led to North Texas Bishop Bledsoe being asked to retire. Read More

New wrinkle in appointment security

The United Methodist connection has been abuzz about a letter calling into question whether General Conference really ended clergy job guarantees. Read More

Bishop’s retirement reversal sets new path

Vow of North Texas' Bledsoe takes conference and church into waters uncharted as episcopal elections loom. Read More

Bishop’s retirement fight takes new turn

Episcopacy panel chairperson says committee encouraged Bledsoe to retire early based on evaluation, conversations with North Texas leaders. Read More

The Rev. We Hyun Chang, a pastor in Belmont, Mass., and a delegate from the New England Annual (regional) Conference, argues to reconsider retaining guaranteed appointments for clergy, during a debate at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fla. The guarantee of an annual appointment for elders was eliminated by the conference on May 1.

GC2012: Vote ends guaranteed appointments

Item passes quickly on May 1 consent calendar among other measures; effort to reconsider fails. Read More

A petition dealing with clergy effectiveness and annual appointments are among measures considered by the 2008 United Methodist General Conference.

Assembly sets guidelines on clergy effectiveness

Bishops who question the effectiveness of a clergy person now have procedures for terminating the appointment. Read More

Delegate Joseph Daniels of the church's Baltimore-Washington Area addresses a session of the Local Church legislative committee of the 2008 United Methodist General Conference.

Delegates reject petitions aimed at ineffective clergy

Pension plans adopted in 2004 are also retained. Read More

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