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Vital small groups fueled a movement

This movement began with a few young college men who started the first small group in Methodism. Commonly known as the Holy Club, the concept of personal holiness and social holiness caught fire. The holiness of life was attained through these small groups that were called class meetings. Class meetings... Read More

Our Legacy

Methodism started as a movement to inspire and train disciples for Christian living and to spread scriptural holiness across the land. Read More

Vital Congregations: Congregational Profile Report

As congregations develop goals they will find it helpful to examine current reality. A congregational profile including average worship attendance for four years and membership for five years is available through the Office of Best Practices of the General Board of Discipleship. The profile also includes data, provided by the... Read More

Vital Congregations: Setting Vital Congregation Goals

Why Set GoalsChurches set goals to:

  • Give clarity and focus to ministry. Clarity and focus connects disciples to purpose and focuses their attention toward the purpose of the church.
  • Move the church forward. Without goals, congregations can become stuck in a rut, doing the same things... Read More

  • The Wesleyan Means of Grace

    Courageous and forward-leaning mission congregations practice spiritual disciplines. Our vital work is a spiritual adventure based in John Wesley’s means of grace. Read More

    2013: Year of United Methodist growth

    Getting a handle on the organizational health of a large, worldwide denomination is not easy. But key developments in 2013 indicate vigorous responses to the challenges facing The United Methodist Church. Read More

    The Rev. Adam Weber, lead pastor, delivers the message during a Sunday service at Embrace Church in Sioux Falls, S.D. Embrace, a United Methodist Church founded in 2007, is one of the top 50 fastest-growing U.S. churches in 2013 according to Outreach magazine. Photo by Amie Hansen Photography for Embrace Church. Accompanies UMNS story #268. 10/17/13.; Photo by Amie Hansen Photography for Embrace Church

    S.D. church makes ‘fastest-growing’ list

    Embrace in Sioux Falls is the only United Methodist church to make magazine's 2013 list of U.S. top 50 in growth. Read More

    Church vitality: Turning mission into members

    Ten years ago, the ministry of Oak Forest United Methodist Church appeared to be flatlining. Read More

    Despite declines, signs of vitality in 2012

    Leaders of conferences that saw growth last year offer advice to the majority that saw dips in membership and attendance. Read More

    Regional conferences take on social issues

    United Methodists tackled hot-button topics like homosexuality, gun violence, divestment and immigration reform. Read More

    The Church in China: Pews are full

    Many of country's historic churches now filled with thousands-instead of hundreds-as young people turn to churches in large numbers. Read More

    High Heels and a Mission: Rev. Tiffany Thomas

    For Women’s History Month, meet a young clergywoman whose work in a church soup kitchen as a child inspired her to serve as pastor and mentor. View

    Pastor Russell Clark of the United Methodist Church of Reddick (Fla.) welcomes new members, Lannie and Erin Thompson and their children.

    Church vitality: What is the secret to growth?

    Florida pastor sees congregation grow by 25 percent in one Sunday as he does 'what a pastor is called to do.' Read More

    United Methodists prep for 2013 conferences

    Amid serious deliberations, members also take time to celebrate in United States, Africa, Europe and the Philippines. Read More

    Church vitality: How do you define it?

    Leaders across the denomination ponder that question even as they try to increase the number of highly vital churches. Read More

    UMTV: Church Thrives on Diversity

    Church in an exclusive suburb seeks to be more inclusive. The result is a large, diverse, vital congregation. View

    Church fire guts building, not spirit

    Outreach to Athens, Ga., community will continue as Oconee Street United Methodist Church faces uncertain future. Read More

    Remembering Harlem church, community leader

    Feb. 23 memorial service for retired N.Y. pastor who helped abolish "Central Jurisdiction," mentored future bishops, church leaders. Read More

    UMTV: Bowling Church

    When an Ohio congregation tried worship outside the walls, attendance doubled, then tripled. "We had lines waiting to get into the building." View

    Denomination urged to trust, share leadership

    Nearly 1,000 United Methodists attend leadership-training event focused on finding common language and instilling trust for next four years. Read More

    Still there, Connectional Table starts anew

    Church body regroups with new members to set priorities, but emotions surrounding previous effort to restructure operations evident. Read More

    Ethnic diversity critical to church future

    Commission on Religion and Race gathering draws cross-section leaders to talk about how to help nourish vital, multicultural congregations. Read More

    The priorities of 14 new bishops

    Their challenges - from disaster response to malaria to global conflict - distinguish them, but reaching out to a world in need unites them. Read More

    Final report: Church path ‘unsustainable’

    The Interim Operations Team, in its final report, calls for bigger changes than what came out of the 2012 General Conference. Read More

    Ministry boosts small church vitality

    Hinton Rural Life Center, a United Methodist retreat, offers resources and training to strengthen country churches. Read More

    UMTV: Biker Church

    Crossfire UMC in North Carolina welcomes those who feel "regular churches wouldn't want our type" with open arms. View

    UMTV: Hinton Center Renews Small Churches

    For 50 years, a retreat center in North Carolina has offered resources and training to keep rural congregations connected. Take a video tour. View

    2011 numbers show U.S. members still sliding

    Emptier U.S. pews and tighter budgets are affecting the denomination, but there are bright spots in the statistics. Read More

    12 lessons from 12 General Conferences

    Rich Peck has seen a lot of history and worn a lot of hats in five decades attending General Conference. Read More

    GC2012: Judicial Council voids Plan UMC

    Compromise restructure plan unanimously deemed unconstitutional; two other referrals deferred until fall. Read More

    No ‘Plan UMC’, GC2012 shrinks agencies

    After reorganization plan is ruled unconstitutional, delegates work to salvage parts of the structural changes. Read More

    May 4 wrap: No restructure in 2012

    A day filled with drama over an unexpected ruling on the church's structure plan ended anticlimactically when delegates adjourned without coming to a decision. Read More

    Restructuring plan gets tentative OK

    Final nod awaits budget report from finance agency and decision of the denomination's top court on constitutionality. Read More

    GC2012: How to increase accountability?

    Legislation aims to increase responsibility for disciple making. United Methodists ask how bishops can be more accountable too. Read More

    Will restructuring save money?

    Yes, but the unanswered questions are how much and whether it will be enough to make a difference for local churches. Read More

    Rural churches seek voice at GC2012

    United Methodist Rural Fellowship provides values statement as guideline for restructuring proposals at General Conference. Read More

    Cultural change seen as key to vital church

    Focus is on what steps The United Methodist Church needs to take beyond restructuring to reverse U.S. decline. Read More

    Restructuring proposals neglect women’s issues

    'If our denomination is to be a relevant, reliable witness to the gospel, (we) must give priority to ministry &ellipsis; with and by women.' Read More

    Debate grapples with restructuring

    At a Texas gathering, a lay leader, a district superintendent and an agency executive discuss whether disciples will be the outcome of effort. Read More

    Agency QA: Communications

    Series on church agencies: "United Methodist Communications facilitates the church's participation in conversations around issues of the day." Read More

    Agency QA: Status and Role of Women

    Series looks at how agencies work: Leaders say they challenged the church to open doors for women. Read More

    Agency QA: Church and Society

    Series looks at how agencies work: Through education, witness and action, agency strives to uphold United Methodist Social Principles. Read More

    Agency QA: Pension and Health Benefits

    Series looks at how agencies work: 'Caring for those who serve' by providing investment, benefit services that reflect United Methodist values. Read More

    Agency QA: Global Ministries

    Series looks at how agencies work: 'Global Ministries is a facilitator of mission - passionate for partnership and open to the visions of others.' Read More

    Agency QA: United Methodist Men

    Series looks at how agencies carry out mission: 'I believe if our church is to survive and grow, United Methodist Men will play a large role in that effort.' Read More

    Open letter urges restructure support

    Signers, including many large-church pastors, say 'Now is the time for action' in consolidating general agencies and nurturing leaders. Read More

    Agency QA: Board of Discipleship

    Series looks at how agencies carry out mission: Training and supporting church leaders - 'I came home energized and on fire with a new attitude.' Read More

    Finance group stands by $603.1 million budget

    General Conference tries to balance local church finances with mission needs as it determines how to allocate funds. Read More

    Group offers ‘Plan B’ for church structure

    Proponents say the alternative will offer a better balance of power and more representation than the Interim Operations Team proposal. Read More

    Agency QA: Finance and Administration

    'We like to say that if we have done our work correctly, no one will know that we have done it at all.' Read More

    Agency QA: Higher Education and Ministry

    Series looks at how agencies carry out mission: Agency gives a helping hand to all as it prepares new generation of Christian leaders. Read More

    Agency QA: Publishing House

    UMPH was the first church agency in the U.S. Since 1789 its mission has been "disseminating religious knowledge and useful &ellipsis; information." Read More

    Will restructure give bishops more power?

    Some leaders worry proposed changes will give bishops too much authority; others say changes will help them carry out the mission. Read More

    Agency QA: Christian Unity

    Series look at how agencies carry out mission. Commission keeps United Methodists 'ecumenically engaged and interreligiously involved.' Read More

    Should bishops have a full-time president?

    Church leaders debate a proposal to have a bishop who leads the council and the Call to Action without the usual residential responsibilities. Read More

    Agency QA: Religion and Race

    Series looks at how agencies carry out mission. "If the commission did not exist, the church would be at risk of losing its racial conscience." Read More

    Long history of set-aside bishop proposals

    'Issues of leadership and management have been a part of our life from the beginning,' church historian says. Read More

    Restructure draws finance agency warning

    GCFA board says agency consolidation could put denomination at greater liability risk, jeopardize tax-exempt status for some. Read More

    Agency QA: Archives and History

    Series looks at how agencies carry out mission. "Through archival records&ellipsis;balanced accountability of our actions is maintained." Read More

    Connectional Table splits on petition

    Proposal to redistribute $60 million sparks debate even though the proposal originated with the 60-member body. Read More

    Briefing previews General Conference issues

    Delegates consider issues from reorganization to roles of bishops to an operating budget that is smaller than in the previous quadrennium. Read More

    Ethnic groups offer ideas for vital church

    National plans for ethnic/racial ministries are growing churches and planting new ones. They should be part of any new structure, groups say. Read More

    Will restructuring cut vital ministry?

    That's the question church staff want General Conference delegates to consider in weighing various reorganization proposals. Read More

    Preview to church restructuring debate

    Concerns raised that the proposed changes would give too much power to bishops and damage the denomination's 'separation of powers.' Read More

    North Texas General Conference Delegation Endorses Call to Action

    North Texas General Conference Delegation Endorses Call to Action Read More

    Group proposes alternative restructure

    Methodist Federation for Social Action is the only unofficial caucus to submit its own reorganization to General Conference. Read More

    2 big disputes ahead at General Conference

    Proposals to restructure agencies and end "guaranteed appointments" for clergy stir reactions across theological spectrum. Read More

    Bishops called to reclaim church’s mission

    Council of Bishops president urges church to be 'a community of faith active in love, alive as the body of Christ.' Read More

    Leaders ponder funding, structural changes

    Among the proposals is to combine general agencies into fewer groups and to change the denomination's funding formulas. Read More

    Bishops to change ecumenical agency

    If General Conference approves, the agency will become part of the Council of Bishops. Read More

    Bishops hear call to lead church’s future

    But church leaders face a challenge in gauging what sort of guidance United Methodists need, bishop admits. Read More

    Leadership Summit tackles church future

    Thousands of United Methodists tuned in to learn how leaders plan to increase vital congregations. Read More