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Chuck Knows Church: Maundy Thursday

Did you know it was also known as Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday and Thursday of Mysteries? View

Chuck Knows Church: Palm Sunday

Have you ever waved a palm branch in a worship service? If so, do you know why? View

Chuck Knows Church: Lent

Video answers your basic questions about the 40 days before Easter. View

Prayer involves action; namely being attentive to God's voice in your life. Listening for God means stopping and sitting still. It means paying attention to what God may be saying to you at any point in your life. Photo by Ronny Perry, UMNS

Lent: A Time to Fast and Pray

Faithful Christians are advised to see fasting as a devotion, not an imposition. Read More

Lent and Easter Resources

Find resources for individual reflection and study as well as resources for corporate worship and study for the Lent and Easter seasons. Read More

FAQs: Lent & Easter

Why do we observe Lent before Easter? Why do people give up sweets or caffeine for Lent? Find some facts about the season. Read More

FAQs: Worship and Christian Year

Wonder why your minister's stoles change color through out the year? Learn about the seasons of the Christian year. View

Why are there different colored altar cloths?  What do the colors mean?

Question: Why are there different colored altar cloths? What do the colors mean? Read More

What special days of the Christian year does The United Methodist Church celebrate?

Question: What special days of the Christian year does The United Methodist Church celebrate? Read More


A forty-day period of focus on penitence and preparation for the Resurrection Event of Easter. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and ends at sunset Easter Eve. The liturgical color for this season of the Christian year is purple.Source: A Dictionary for United Methodists, Alan K. Waltz, Copyright 1991, Abingdon... Read More

Liturgical Year

Six distinct periods of Christian observances. Each focuses upon a different aspect of the Christian experience and tradition. These periods or seasons do not necessarily occur on the same dates from year to year, but are related to the dates of the two principal Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter. (1)... Read More

UMTV: Border Separates Families at Christmas

For those divided by the border fence between San Diego and Tijuana, the wall is a reminder of Mary and Joseph's experience of rejection. View

UMTV: Trash Trees for Christmas

New York church goes green not evergreen. The non-traditional trees get attention. "This must be a really quirky place. People must be fun here." View

Final Cokesbury Christmas for stores

As United Methodist retail outlets close their doors, shoppers find old favorites and new products for Advent at 'open house' events. Read More

Could you go alcohol-free for Lent?

United Methodist board wants to shed light on the world's top killer by asking people to abstain from alcohol during Lent. Read More

UMTV: Santa’s Toymakers at Church

Church volunteers have made 25,000 toys for kids in need. "It's not just what's going in the box, it's what's going on inside that building." View

Church Empowers the Poor

A Nashville congregation welcomes those living in poverty and gives people who may have had many obstacles in life some new opportunities. View

Good Friday Cross Journey

A pastor took a tree from his yard and created a 14 ft., 425-lb. cross neighbors carried for 14 miles. "We became a church without walls." View

A fresco painting from the late Middle Age by Giotto di Bondone depicts the Crucifixion. On Good Friday, Christians around the world reflect on the meaning of Jesus' suffering and death. A web-only public domain image.

Did Jesus descend into hell or to the dead?

The phrase in the Apostles' Creed offers one answer to what Jesus did between Good Friday and Easter. Read More

United Methodist Communications releases electronic program calendar

An electronic version of the 2009 official denominational program calendar is now available as a convenient download. Read More

United Methodist Program Calendar Ready For 2009 Planning

The official United Methodist 2009 Program Calendar a comprehensive planning tool for church leaders is now available. Read More