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Ann Brownell tends to daughter Amanda, today living as a paraplegic in a San Jose, Calif., nursing home. Photos by Reed Galin.

Bullied teen barely survives suicide attempt

Now 18, Amanda Brownell is unable to communicate. But her mom speaks for her — so other mothers won’t know the nightmare of “bullycide.” Read More

No bullying zone sign in school hallway. Photo by iStockphoto/Patrick Herrera.

Churches should speak up about bullying

Social media and texting leave children no sanctuary from bullies. But churches can be that sanctuary. Read More reports that every school day, 160,000 American children stay home to avoid being bullied. And every year, more than 19,000 children attempt bullying-related suicide. Photo illustration courtesy of iStockphoto/Mikael Dankier.

Child ends life because of bullying

When Jon Carmichael hanged himself at age 13, his mother turned to a pastor and asked if her child was with God. Read More

The real problem with our kids and social media

Jeremy Steele says children from the ages of 10-18 are developing skills that help them understand and relate with their world. Text messages and Facebook posts don’t allow for that learning. Read More

United Methodist campuses fight bullying

Colleges are beginning to address bullying through early–alert processes, non-violence training, and spiritual direction classes. ‘Positive behavior is contagious.’ Read More

Photo Illustrations by Ronny Perry.

Churches can help youth fight cyberbullies

Modeling good Christian behavior to youth helps them learn how to be more civil online. Read More

Voice of faith crucial to young gays

The church has long been conflicted over homosexuality, but a recent rash of suicides shows the need for compassion remains. Read More

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