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Photo by Kathleen Barry,  illustration by Cindy Caldwell; United Methodist Communications.

Ways United Methodists can take a stand against gun violence

The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church calls us to work for what we pray for: a world free from mass killings. Read More

What the Church Says: Violence

The official statements below are from The Book of Resolutions and The Book of Discipline. Statements and resolutions from these books are submitted to, and voted on by delegates, at General Conference, which occurs every four years. General Conference sets policy for the mission and ministry of the church and... Read More

The 2012 edition of the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Effort to make Social Principles more global

2012 General Conference adopts petition to revise to make them “more succinct, theologically founded and globally relevant.” Read More

Churches respond to Chicago school strike

As Chicago public schoolteacher strike enters second day, churches open doors for tutoring, recreation and fun. Read More

Health care law survives; what’s ahead?

After the recent Supreme Court ruling, United Methodists are still discussing what the law means for the church and U.S. society as a whole. Read More

GC2012: How Book of Discipline comes to be

Editor Marvin Cropsey explains the process to prepare the revisions of Discipline and Resolutions. Read More

Do we understand how the church works?

Evidence and experience point to knowledge gap separating members from the official stands and policies of the church. Read More

Science can help church keep its young folk

Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend offer opportunities to show young people that church door is open to them. Read More

Violent Video Games

The United Methodist Church advocates for the elimination of violent games that specifically target children and youth. Read More

United States-Mexico Border

The United States-Mexico border is a 2,000-mile-long area where the socioeconomic dynamics of two interacting cultures have a negative impact on the quality of life of adjoining populations. Read More

Human Cloning

Cloning has sparked enormous and sustained concern in the general public, including the church. Read More

New Developments in Genetic Science

The ethical implications of new developments in genetic science continue to make themselves known as new aspects of the technology are introduced in medicine, agriculture, and forensic science. Read More

Church to Be in Ministry to Persons of All Sexual Orientations

The United Methodist Church will "dedicate itself to a ministry of Christ-like hospitality and compassion to persons of all sexual orientations and to a vision of unity." Read More

Book of Resolutions: Faithful Care for Persons Suffering and Dying

Through the examples and command of Jesus Christ, the church receives the task of ministering to the sick, relieving what suffering can be relieved and undertaking to share and to lighten that which cannot be eliminated. This mandate calls upon us to address all the needs of the sick. These... Read More

C0mmunion bread at a meeting of the Connectional Table in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Diane Degnan.

Book of Resolutions: This Holy Mystery

Read more about United Methodist teachings on the sacrament of Holy Communion. More

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