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Stained glass window features Shelly Gale, an early deaconess at Mother African Zoar United Methodist Church. Photo by John Coleman.

Methodist History: Mother African Zoar’s Legacy

Pennsylvania congregation has cared for its community for 220 years, and passed on their spirit. 'We birthed five other churches.” View

Archive photo of students at Sager Brown, a school and orphanage for African- American children.

Center Honors Black Methodists’ History

Heritage Center highlights important role African Americans play in the story of Methodism. "We all need to care more about each other’s stories." View

Image of the Rev. Charles Albert Tindley. Courtesy of Tindley Temple United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA.

Tindley Temple: A Highlight of Methodist History

Learn about a church named for a Methodist preacher who drew huge crowds in the '20s and was a founding father of Gospel music. View

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington was dedicated by President Obama on Oct. 16, 2011. Photo by Maile Bradfield, United Methodist Communications.

United Methodists share MLK’s dream

Many United Methodists fought for justice alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. In this series, they recall how he changed their lives. View

An image of Rosa Parks is part of the ‘Icons of the Civil Rights Movement,’ exhibit by United Methodist artist Pamela Chatterton-Purdy. Photo courtesy of Board of Church and Society.

UMTV: Civil Rights Art

United Methodist artist uses works in wood and gold leaf to memorialize 16 people and events critical to the U.S. civil rights movement. View

Photo of United Methodist Bishop Forrest Stith. Photo courtesy of  the Baltimore-Washington Conference.

Bishop Stith offers prayer for Black History Month

Devotion reflects on the difficult history of slavery, and the sustaining love of God. ‘God sides with the oppressed and delivers the captive.’ Read More

The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell

Commentary: Jordanian pilot’s murder parallels lynchings

A United Methodist clergyman compares burning of Jordanian pilot to lynchings and burnings of blacks. Read More

Del Shields hosted groundbreaking United Methodist radio talk show, ‘Night Call.’ Photo courtesy of the General Board of Archives and History.

‘Night Call’ spurred conversations on race in 1960s

Groundbreaking United Methodist-produced radio show featured Stokely Carmichael, Shirley Chisholm, Andrew Young and more. Hear original audio. Read More

Photographer John C. Goodwin holds a copy of the book written by his father.

UMTV: Church Photos of a Lifetime

The 1963 March on Washington inspired John Goodwin to use his lens to bring human struggles into focus " a means to promote social change." View

Dr. Andrew Foster, deaf advocate.  Photo courtesy Bishop Peggy Johnson.

In mission for the deaf

Bishop Peggy Johnson honors Andrew Foster, a deaf person and the only black student at an all-white college, who founded Christian Mission for the Deaf. Read More

From slave to preacher: Harry Hosier

A Methodist pioneer, Harry Hosier gave the first documented sermon by an African-American and preached to a white congregation in 1784. Read More

The African-American hymn

Part of history, African-American spirituals still heal

Songs allowed slaves to freely express true feelings and offer prayers to God. They could lay their burdens down and find strength to face another day. Read More

Daily Digest: February 11, 2014

“It’s kind of like porcupines on a cold night; we prick each other sometimes. But still the grace is there, the warmth of God’s spirit, so I am hopeful...” Read More

Pete Seeger played a crucial role in popularizing “We Shall Overcome,” an anthem that many congregations sing during Black History Month. Photo by Josef Schwarz. Usage by GNU Free Documentation License.

Pete Seeger’s contribution to ‘We Shall Overcome’

“We Shall Overcome” is a simple musical composition with complex origins. C. Michael Hawn of Southern Methodist University explains the background of this treasured hymn and the ways in which many — including Pete Seeger — became part of the hymn’s history. Read More

Civil rights demonstration in front of a segregated theater: Tallahassee, Florida

February is Black History Month

African Americans played important roles in the development of the United States. Find resources for honoring their contributions. View

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