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Three family Bibles were found in Stephanie Hope's flooded home in Louisiana. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Hope.

Three family Bibles bring a flood of emotion

Stephanie Hope lost her home and all its contents in Louisiana's flood, but her strongest feelings came when she saw her most treasured books. Read More

“The Road to Emmaus,” an 1877  painting by Robert Zund.  The Gospel of Luke account remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to spiritual retreats. Public Domain

Walking with Christ: Do you know the way to Emmaus?

Luke’s account of the risen Christ’s journey remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to United Methodist-supported retreats. Here is why it resonates. Read More

The image of Mary, the mother of Jesus, has resonance around the world. From left, here are Persian, Byzantine and Kenyan depictions of the woman who has lessons for disciples today. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Words of wisdom from mother Mary

With great faith, Christ’s mother challenged social expectations. She offers lessons for our Christian witness today. Read More

Fourth-grader Colyn Chris regularly brings his new Bible to Sunday school at Faith United Methodist Church in Goshen, Ind. Photo courtesy of Faith United Methodist Church, Interpreter Magazine.

Children receive first Bibles – and life-long lessons

From Bible Buddies to special dinners, classes and child-friendly translations, Interpreter Magazine has ideas for helping families and churches introduce the Good Word to kids. Read More

Woman holds Bible open to the Book of Lamentations. Photo illustration by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Turning to the Bible when sorrow strikes

When natural disasters or other tragedies occur, some struggle with questions about God. A scripture written after devastation offers a ray of hope. Read More

A Bible shows physical wear from regular use. Photo by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications

Debates continue over the meaning of the Bible

For countless numbers of people, the Bible is the most important guide to living a Christian life. What the Bible really means, however, has been a constant source of debate. Read More

Judas Iscariot (right), retiring from the Last Supper. New Testament scholars argue for a nuanced view of the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, late 19th century. Public domain

What can Christians learn from Judas?

Christians still struggle today with how to view Jesus’ most notorious disciple. Scholars argue for a nuanced view. Read More

Winners of the Ninth National Bible Quiz stand with organizers and Filipino bishops at the Philippine Bible Society Auditorium in Manila.  The theme of the 2015 quiz was “Sharing God’s World, Empowering the Poor, Transforming the Land.”  The quiz is co-sponsored by The United Methodist Church Board of Christian Education and Discipleship and the Philippine Bible Society. Photo by Gladys P. Mangiduyos, UMNS

National Bible Quiz winner plans to keep studying

Philippine Bible quiz contestants hope to use what they’ve learned to inspire their churches. Read More

Photo illustration by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Commentary: Bible not a book but a library

United Methodist pastor shares five benefits of reading Scripture as a collection of God-breathed books. Read More

Chuck Knows Church tells where we can find The Great Commission in the Bible

Chuck Knows Church: The Great Commission

Following his resurrection, Jesus instructed his Apostles to "Make Disciples of all Nations." Chuck tells us where we can find The Great Commission in the Bible. View

Chuck Knows Church holds stone tablets like the ones given to Moses by God with the Ten Commandments on them.

Chuck Knows Church: Ten Commandments

Chuck Knows Church tells the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Test your movie trivia knowledge at the end. View

Chuck Knows Church talks about the book of Psalms in the Bible.

Chuck Knows Church: Psalms

There are 150 Psalms written over 5 centuries. Chuck Knows Church explores the "hymnbook of sacred scripture." View

Chuck Knows Church explains the origin of the  section found in some bibles called Apocrypha.

Chuck Knows Church: Apocrypha

Chuck Knows Church explores The Apocrypha, a collection of ancient books written around 400 B.C. and no longer included in modern editions of The Bible. View

Chuck Knows Church tells the story of the Tower of Babel from the Book of Genesis.

Chuck Knows Church: Tower of Babel

Ever wonder why we speak so many languages all over the world? Chuck Knows Church explores the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. View

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