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What is the United Methodist view on suicide?

Learn more about the United Methodist stance on suicide. Read More

The Rev. Noé Gonzales (left) offers Holy Communion to Kaylee Naomi Avita Guerrero. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Communion: The Meal that Makes Us One

“Take communion as often as you can. It is food for the journey.” Watch and download a meditation about the sacrament, and reflect on how it nourishes your own faith. View

Pastor Sherry Cothran Woolsey hugs Alison Lipschutz, age 5. Alison will take a red packpack to kindergarten this fall. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

(More than) 10 ways to appreciate your pastor

From photos to prayers to food, learn what gifts — and actions — mean the most to preachers. Read More

Chuck knows church: Grace. Screenshot courtesy of United Methodist Communications

Chuck Knows Church: Grace

Said at the dinner table, it also has deep theological meaning for United Methodists. Chuck explains prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace. View

What is Epiphany?

What is the significance of the Day of the Kings or Twelfth Night? How is our Christian journey like that of the Magi? Read More

Parents sometimes struggle when a child is a non-believer. Photo illustration by Dale Klaus.

What’s a parent to do? There’s an atheist in the house

Writer shares her personal journey, 'a growing pain, mine, not hers,' and tips for families to accept non-believers. Read More

Why does The United Methodist Church ordain women?

Clergywomen have been part of Methodism since John Wesley licensed Sarah Crosby to preach in 1761. Read More

Painting of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses by Ferdinand Pauwels. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Nailed it! A word for Reformation Day

C. Chappell Temple says Martin Luther’s argument for the power of the Gospel over the power of the church changed the course of history for all Christians. Read More

In need of a blessing

Joe Kay says we often think of a blessing as a particular gesture or set of words. 'A real blessing involves helping the other person to recognize their worth and their value.’ Read More

The United Methodist Church made me who I am

Susan Burton says the attitudes and actions of her parents and grandparents – leaders in their church and community – influenced her decision to work for social justice. Read More

The Rev. Faith Weedling on a platform on top of Brosville United Methodist Church to raise funds for Imagine No Malaria. Photo by Neill Caldwell, Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Faith on the roof raises funds for malaria fight

The Rev. Faith Weedling promised to spend one hour on the roof for every $100 her church raised for Imagine No Malaria. ‘Hoot owl; 3:30 a.m.’ Read More

A multi-cultural world. Photo by Monisha.pushparaj, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Tips for teaching diversity appreciation to children

‘Tell them that they are beautiful and that other people – who may or may not look like them – are beautiful, too, because God says so.’ Read More

We are all St. Louisans now

St.Louis area bloggers respond to the police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. 'When one of us hurts, we all hurt.' Read More

Where does the term, Good Friday, come from?

Also, called Holy Friday and Black Friday, learn more about the name of the day that commemorates Christ's death. Read More

What does The United Methodist Church teach about the second coming?

Learn what The United Methodist Church teaches about the second coming. Read More

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