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Nyamah Dunbar (right) former employee of the United Methodist Committee on Relief visits with a child during a mosquito net distribution by The United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign in Bom Jesus, Angola, 2012. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Ebola: The Gift that Came Wrapped as a Plague

Nyamah Dunbar planned to return to her native Liberia and launch an agribusiness when the Ebola epidemic brought everything to a halt. But God had other plans. Read More

Farmer Safiatu Bockari explains that months of Ebola quarantines in Sierra Leone have depleted seed stores and she worries that there will be a food shortage. Photo by Jill Costello, United Methodist Communications.

Who can put Sierra Leone together again?

Many in Sierra Leone have no seed to plant crops because they had to eat it during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. More

Union and Willow Grove United Methodist Church inaugural Tractor Blessing in Pittsgrove, New Jersey. Photo by Calista Condo, courtesy of the South Jersey Times.

Tractor ceremony in South Jersey blesses farmers of all ages

Small church’s service wishes growers a fruitful harvest. "I wanted them to be blessed so they can seed with a smile on their faces and a prayer in their heart." Read More

Ebola killing more people than those with virus

The Ebola outbreak has caused a collapse in the health care system paralleled by a breakdown of the economy. Read More

UMTV: Africa’s Miracle Tree

What plant can lower cholesterol, purify the liver, and prevent blindness? Learn how UMCOR helps farmers grow a nutritional powerhouse. View

UMTV: Beekeeping Benefits Liberia

Joe Gatei sent his kids to school with honey sales. "God is answering my prayer, things are working well." See how UMCOR is changing lives. View

The Big Garden grows food

Started by United Methodists, this network of 70 community gardens in metro-Omaha and smaller communities addresses hunger and more. Read More

Haiti 2013: Future seen through eyes of a ‘kid’

For rural families in two communities in Haiti, goats are the gift that keeps on giving. Third in a series. Read More

Bees, snails, Moringa trees boost Liberians

UMCOR's program to teach sustainable agriculture and development makes an economic and health impact for West Africans. Read More

Placemats make point on food rights

Church World Service offers discussion tips, recipes, worship aids and action ideas for churches to mark World Food Day on October 16. Read More

Better child nutrition brings economic gain

UMCOR, Church World Service join '1000 Days' movement focusing on effects of malnutrition. "Food is the first medicine." Read More

Ending hunger in 5 years ‘doable’

Include God and make the effort, urges president of international hunger-relief organization. Read More

Food ministries flourish on different paths

May 28 is World Hunger Day. Two churches in Indianapolis find different ministries to feed the hungry and enable people to reach potential. Read More

Growing communities along the Santa Cruz

From the hard soil of Tucson, Ariz., Youth Farm Project interns help the community to develop a flourishing garden and gathering place. Read More

Sowing promise for developing countries

Foods Resource Bank spins cash from crops into food security as farmers and churches make a global difference. Read More

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