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A 45-foot-high billboard in  Manhattan was erected in November 2001, just blocks from Ground Zero, to offer passersby encouragement from United Methodists. Photo by John C. Goodwin, United Methodist News Service.

Church agency uses modern media to share message of hope

After 9/11, and in other times, United Methodist Communications has made advertising a key way to spread the Good News. More

Church members gather for a musical program at Leipsic (Ohio) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Taking inviting photos of your church

Just as a house with great pictures does better on the real estate market, a welcoming image can help bring visitors to your church. Find tips and techniques. Read More

New ‘That’s Church’ messages highlight the church in action

United Methodist Communications asks members and seekers to Rethink Church from a historic perspective with the new 'That's Church' messages. Read More

Pastor mourns friend killed in Aurora shooting

Denver-area pastor helps others in Aurora theater tragedy as she comes to grips with loss of someone she knew well. Read More

Battle against addiction moves to classroom

A United Methodist university program will combat one of "nation's most widespread and destructive problems." Read More

Agency QA: Communications

Series on church agencies: "United Methodist Communications facilitates the church's participation in conversations around issues of the day." Read More

United Methodist General Board of Church and Society withdraws endorsement of One Nation Working Tog

The General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) of The United Methodist Church is rescinding its endorsement of the "One Nation Working Together" rally in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 2. The board is disturbed by some of the overtly political and partisan statements issued by organizers of the march. Read More

Article correction

In a story that has since been corrected online, The New York Times listed The United Methodist Church as a sponsor of an upcoming rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The United Methodist Church is not sponsoring the rally. Read More

Rethink Church resource, seeker website addresses change

Congregational resources for the Rethink Church advertising and welcoming campaign have moved to a new website address:, though the site content remains the same.. Read More

New Web site offers Rethink Church resources for churches, annual conferences

United Methodists can find resources for Rethink Church at a new Web site, Read More

Church Advertising Campaign Uses New Forms of Media

The United Methodist Church is going mobile with the "Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors" welcoming and advertising campaign. Read More

United Methodist Communications releases electronic program calendar

An electronic version of the 2009 official denominational program calendar is now available as a convenient download. Read More

Zimbabwe’s Economic Woes Create Urgent Funding Need

Operating in a nation beset by economic and political crises, Africa University has issued an urgent plea for United Methodist congregations to fulfill their 2008 financial obligations to the Zimbabwe-based school. Read More

United Methodist Program Calendar Ready For 2009 Planning

The official United Methodist 2009 Program Calendar a comprehensive planning tool for church leaders is now available. Read More

Young Fund-Raiser Scores $50K for Mosquito Nets

If someone asked seven-year old Katherine Commale what she did on her summer vacation, her answer would have to be "a lot!" But Katherine hasn't just been swimming at the pool and playing with her brother Joseph. Read More

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