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Can a PPR member serve a second three-year term immediately after serving a first term?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Is the member required to take a certain amount of time off before beginning another term? Read More

Can the pastor-parish relations committee meet in closed session without the pastor?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Is the committee allowed to meet without the pastor? Read More

Are the lay leader and lay member included in the maximum of nine members on the PPR committee?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Does this extend the maximum to eleven members? Read More

Can you define the term “immediate family” as it applies to the pastor-parish relations committee?

Pastor-Parish Relations: How is this phrase defined by the Book of Discipline? Read More

Is the pastor a member of the PPR committee?

Learn how The Book of Discipline answers this question. Read More

Is the pastor a voting member of the board of trustees?

Learn how The Book of Discipline addresses this issue. Read More

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