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The inlet cross of Belin UMC gleams brights against the sky over Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina. Photo by Austin Bond Photography.

The United Methodist Lent Quiz

How much do you know about the themes and practices during the season of Lent? Take this quiz and be sure to share it with others. Read More

2018 Lent photo-a-day. Tag your daily photo on social media with #rethinkchurch. Illustration courtesy of

Explore Lent with a Photo a Day!

Join this photo-a-day challenge and share with the community how you perceive each word of the day during Lent. Read More

During Lent we focus on the cross to reflect on what truly matters in life. Photo by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

New books help prepare readers for Lent

United Methodist publishers, agencies and websites have released new resources to use during Lent in preparation for Easter. Read More

Daffodils are seen as symbols of hope and life. Photo by Bill Roberts.

Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Faith

What seem to be simple signs of new life may have deeper meanings for people of faith. Learn some of the legends surrounding spring. Read More

As people of the Resurrection, we know that God can bring renewal from the darkest of times. Photo by Chris M. Moore (CC0 license) via, edited by United Methodist Communications.

Every day to us is Easter: Experience resurrection all year long

An Easter hymn reminds us renewals happen throughout our lives. In our worship and our work, we are to share the good news of resurrection. More

A cross stands at Memorial Drive UMC in Houston, Texas. Photo  by Joe Center.

Beyond fasting: 10 tips for a more meaningful Lent

Study a book of the Bible or read a Wesley sermon. There are lots of ways to be creative and get the most from the season. More

Ingrid McIntyre receives ashes from street chaplain, Lindsey Krinks. About 30 people gathered as a community to share in the Ash Wednesday liturgy and to raise awareness of those suffering from homelessness and poverty. McIntyre is a member of Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, Tenn. A file photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Why ashes? Connecting to who we are and who we can be

We see them on Ash Wednesday, but how much do you know about this ancient symbol and its underlying message? Read More

Cross draped with white cloth for Easter. Photo by creativex /

FAQs: Lent & Easter

Why do we observe Lent before Easter? Why do people give up sweets or caffeine for Lent? Find some facts about the season. Read More

Kathryn Mitchem at Penuel Ridge retreat center in Ashland City, Tenn. Photo by Mike DuBose, Interpreter.

Lent: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

"Lent offers an invitation to the practice of stillness where, amid the bustle of our days, we can pause to let God take the measure of our lives." More

Simplicity: A Lenten Path

Suggestions for following a path of simplicity during your Lenten journey. More

Leaf detail, alexskopje /

40 Ways to Live Simply for Lent

Use this Lenten season as a time to grow closer to God and simplify your life. More

Lenten Rose photo by Lynn Whitt/Shutterstock.

40 Ideas for Keeping Lent Holy

Find concrete suggestions for practices you can take on for each day of Lent. More

Cross in window. Photo by Kathryn Price.

Pastors debate value of Lenten sacrifices

It's an age-old question. Which is better: To give something up for Lent or to do something new for Lent? United Methodist experts weigh in. Read More

Painting by Craig Carlisle. Used by permission.

Lent 101

Find out the basics of Lent from this handy introductory guide. More

Fork and knife against white background. Photo by Bjorgvin Gudmundsson /

What does The United Methodist Church say about fasting?

There is a strong biblical base for fasting, and the practice has been a part of Methodism from its early beginnings. Read More

Prayer involves action; namely being attentive to God's voice in your life. Listening for God means stopping and sitting still. It means paying attention to what God may be saying to you at any point in your life. Photo by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications.

Lent: A Time to Fast and Pray

Faithful Christians are advised to see fasting as a devotion, not an imposition. Read More

Stations of the Cross sculpture reliefs from St. Henry Catholic Church in Nashville, Tenn. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Why doesn’t my church have statues and a crucifix like the Catholic Church?

Learn more about the similarities and differences between the Catholic Church. Read More

Where does the term, Good Friday, come from?

Also, called Holy Friday and Black Friday, learn more about the name of the day that commemorates Christ's death. Read More

Why did Jesus have to die?

As every Christian knows, Jesus freely died for our sins. But was there a less brutal way for God and humanity to be reconciled? Read More

The Men's Association of the United Methodist Church, Harare West District, sings during the 2013 Palm Sunday service in the Kwang Lim Chapel at Africa University. A UMNS photo by Kathleen Barry.

Cultural traditions enhance Easter

United Methodists around the world celebrate Christ’s Resurrection in diverse ways. Read More

“Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection” is a painting by Alexander Ivanov from 1835. A web-only photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Mary Magdalene: Apostle or harlot?

In the Bible, she is among the first to bear witness to Christ's resurrection. But she still has a reputation as the Gospels' bad girl. Read More

Did Jesus have a wife?

Papyrus fragment has revived an old debate that likely reflects early Christian disputes about marriage - not the historical Jesus. Read More

A fresco painting from the late Middle Age by Giotto di Bondone depicts the Crucifixion. On Good Friday, Christians around the world reflect on the meaning of Jesus' suffering and death. A web-only public domain image.

Did Jesus descend into hell or to the dead?

The phrase in the Apostles' Creed offers one answer to what Jesus did between Good Friday and Easter. Read More

Ancient traditions still influence Easter

All-night vigils, baptisms, communion - and welcoming all worshippers - are more important than fancy clothes. Read More