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Photo of William Lawrence by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Commentary: Threat of schism hangs over jubilee of church

The constitution of The United Methodist Church faces a critical test, the Rev. William B. Lawrence and Sally Curtis AsKew write in an essay about the crisis facing the denomination. Read More

Courtesy photo of Leicester R. Longden.

Commentary: Rescuing Outler’s ‘Visions and Dreams’

Scholar says the late Rev. Albert Outler’s famous Uniting Conference address has been misinterpreted. Read More

Courtesy photo the Rev. Chappell Temple.

Commentary: Open for (church) business

The Rev. Chappell Temple writes about closed meetings in The United Methodist Church and the need for transparency in conducting church business. Read More

Courtesy photo of The Rev. Cathy Hall Stengel.

#MeToo and The United Methodist Church

As other professions grapple with realities of sexual harassment and misconduct, a clergywoman explains how these problems have affected The United Methodist Church. Read More

We pray with and for those healing from tragic loss. Photo via

‘How can this be?’ A prayer following a church shooting

United Methodists offer a prayer for comfort, peace, and guidance following tragic violence in a sanctuary. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Read More

Photo courtesy of

The cure for today’s drug crisis: Community

“Something crucial is draining out of our culture and the resultant void needs to be filled.” Reflections on the opioid crisis in the U.S. Read More

Photo of the Rev. David Wilson, by Ronny Perry, UMNS.

Commentary: What’s next for Standing Rock?

The Rev. David Wilson says the mood has changed at Standing Rock, but water protectors haven’t given up their fight to protect Mother Earth. Read More

Photo of the Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

Commentary: Can our ‘way forward’ be reconciliation?

African clergyman says the “way forward” for The United Methodist Church involves reconciliation. Read More

Courtesy photo of the Rev. Walter Fenton, United Methodist Communications.

Commentary: Understanding renewal, reform group positions

The Rev. Walter Fenton, an analyst for Good News, writes about what members of renewal and reform groups see as misunderstandings or mischaracterizations of their positions. Read More

Photo of the Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

Commentary: Can our ‘way forward’ be reconciliation?

African clergyman says the “way forward” for The United Methodist Church involves reconciliation. Read More

Jesus confronts the Roman centurion Severus in this scene from The Young Messiah. © 2016 Focus Features. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Delve deeper into Holy Week with Jesus films

“When Scripture becomes script, the camera adds an almost subliminal depth to God’s story,” writes a pastor whose book describes the impact Jesus films can have on viewers. Read More

God-led hospitality gesture at GC2016 underscores United Methodist connection

A reservation snafu was the catalyst launching two strangers into a friendship for life. Read More

#Pagelife: Perspective on what it’s like to serve as a GC2016 page

They run notes, deliver coffee and so much more. Here is one woman's perspective on what it's like to be a page at General Conference. Read More

Laity called to live ever-blessing, ever-blessed

General Conference delegate urges people in the pews to go out, connect with people, offer hope, engage the world, make disciples. #UMCGC Read More

Erin Hawkins of the United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race speaks during the 2012 General Conference. Photo by Skyler E. Nimmons.

Enough is enough: On violence and accountability

The Commission on Race and Religion's Erin Hawkins says prayer is powerful but we need action steps for being accountable and courageous. Read More

How summer camp changed my life

Does Christian camp really make a difference? For 18-year-old Molleigh McCann, it gave her some of her greatest friends Read More

3 myths about young clergy

Think young pastors want to serve only young congregations? Or don’t value “mature” opinions? Drew McIntyre begs to differ. Read More

Darian Duckworth and her stuffed animal congregation. Photo courtesy of Rev. Duckworth.

Hearing a female preacher, I heard my calling

Darian Duckworth began preaching to her stuffed animals at age 5. In her blog, the young pastor recalls the impact of seeing Lisa Osteen in the pulpit and of the Osteen family’s ministry. Read More

Rows of green lettuces and vegetable at Seminary Hill Farm at Methodist Theological School in Columbus, Ohio. Photo by Reasa Currier.

Methodist Theological School ‘cares for creation’

New conference delegate Reasa Currier reflects on Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and her visit to a farm where young seminarians are shaping the church’s future. Read More

Hey, coach! Changing the culture of the church

What does changing a football team have to do with changing a church? For Rev. Karen Vannoy, Read More

Being a pastor in a 5-4 world

After a 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage, Rev. Travis Garner says there are not “two sides” to the issue, there are individuals with unique experiences. Read More

A prayer for pastors and churches in transition

Pastoral appointments, are, as Ben Gosden says, “a time to say goodbye and hello.” As a pastor who has experienced transition, he offers a prayer for the constancy of God’s love. Read More

Vacation Bible School (still) rocks

Rev. Laurie Haller says far from being a relic of the past, VBS is “one of the most important ways we invest in the spiritual formation of children.” Read her reasons why. More

The Charleston tragedy: How should we respond?

Rev. F. Willis Johnson says that a 21-year-old could be so bigoted in beliefs and diabolical in actions leaves the most devout bewildered. But “the only thing that will conquer hate is our deciding to love.” Read More

Bishop Gary Mueller and Mary Brooke Casad share how the Aldersgate Covenant gather in 2014 affected the discipleship journeys of those who attended.Photos supplied by the Council of Bishops and Mike DuBose, UMNS

Commentary:  Faithful disciples, signs of revival

In 2014, almost 200 United Methodists gathered for the Aldersgate Covenant, a 20-hour experience of worship, prayer and holy conversation. Participants recently shared how their discipleship journey was affected. Read More

‘A riot is the language of the unheard.’

In response to unrest in Baltimore, Bishop Peggy Johnson says we must improve relations between communities and police, listen to each other and wage a Read More

‘Strangely warmed’

Rev. Liberato Bautista revisits John Wesley’s Aldersgate experience in the context of Filipino migrant workers -- an opportunity for compassion but also for spreading the word of God “unto all the nations.” Read More

Students in ESL class make Mother's Day cards, snapping a photo with a cell phone. Photo courtesy of blogger, ConnieinChina.

Recognizing mothers in America and China

“My teacher asked me to make a card for a mother. I chose you.” English instructor finds beautiful way to honor moms borrowing traditions from two cultures. Read More

Bishop Thomas Bickerton speaks at the U.S. Capitol as Imagine No Malaria, an initiative of the people of The United Methodist Church, presents $9.6 million to the Global Fund to prevent malaria deaths. Photo by Jay Mallin, UMNS

Imagining no malaria: Partners needed to see success

Leaders from The United Methodist Church talk about progress to defeat the disease, and why they pair with the Global Fund. Read More

7 reasons your church should have a front porch

How well do you know your neighbors? Patrick Scriven says churches with an Read More

Bishop Gary E. Mueller. Photo courtesy Bishop Mueller.

Commentary: Great-Grandma Williams

Bishop Gary Mueller honors the woman whose encouragement ‘literally guided me … and sometimes dragged me as I started down the path of a journey I continue still today.’ Read More

Lent in ice and snow

While many in the U.S. celebrated Ash Wednesday shut in at home, Taylor Burton-Edwards reminds us what matters most is not attending a service but coming together as a people that ‘seek God’s mercy.’ Read More

5 things small churches can uniquely offer

The Rev. Ben Gosden says from their inter-generational character to the family feeling, small churches make a big contribution to the world. Read More

Photo of the Rev. Kent Millard courtesy Rev. Mallard and Rethink Church.

Remembering Selma

Answering the Rev. Martin Luther King’s call for seminary students to come to Selma, the Rev. Kent Millard was one of 80 Boston area students who attended voting rights marches. Read More

Ebola: A cry for faith

Rose Farhat uses the story of the four men letting their friend down through a roof to see Jesus to describe the response needed for those caught in the Ebola epidemic. Read More

An impromptu memorial marks the area where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Mo. Photo by Matt Miofsky.

Bishop’s reflection: On Race and Hope

Bishop Julius C. Trimble shares part of a past college lecture in hopes it will inspire more conversation about racism, and what happened in Ferguson. More

March 2013 file photo of the Rev. Cedric Bridgeforth, by Maidstone Mulenga.

A Response from Ferguson: Justice. Postponed.

Leader of Black Methodists for Church Renewal shares 'actions you can take now, wherever you are and whatever your feelings about the inaction and decisions in Ferguson are.' Read More

United Methodist Communications a Leader at Global Education and Technology Summit

The Ebola crisis shows why communications technologies are desperately needed in low-resource parts of the world. Read More

Sia Nyama Koroma, the first lady of Sierra Leone (center) tours The United Methodist Church's Kissy Hospital guided by Dr. Martin Salia and Catherine Norman. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

We must support Dr. Salia, Ebola caregivers

Larry Hollon says we owe gratitude to those who put themselves in harm’s way to bring well-being to West Africa. Read More

Oct. 2006 image shows graffiti reading

German bishop writes of fall and call of Berlin Wall

Rosemarie Wenner says dreams came true in November 1989, but 'the unification of my nation is also a call. There are too many walls in our world.' Read More

‘Veterans Day can be observed every day of the year.’

Bishop Peggy Johnson says we must continue to show our appreciation for the three and a half million vets coping with service-related disabilities beyond Nov. 11. Read More

A veteran speaks on ‘honoring our heroes’ on Veterans Day

Rev. Dave Ryan, a veteran of Vietnam, invites us to pray for the day we can stop ‘making veterans and mourning heroes’ and for all ‘living survivors’ today. Read More

Why we give

Bishop Mike Coyner confesses that for many years he worked hard to get people to give for the wrong reasons. Now he’s much more joyful about it. Read More

Painting of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses by Ferdinand Pauwels. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Nailed it! A word for Reformation Day

C. Chappell Temple says Martin Luther’s argument for the power of the Gospel over the power of the church changed the course of history for all Christians. Read More

In need of a blessing

Joe Kay says we often think of a blessing as a particular gesture or set of words. 'A real blessing involves helping the other person to recognize their worth and their value.’ Read More

The real problem with our kids and social media

Jeremy Steele says children from the ages of 10-18 are developing skills that help them understand and relate with their world. Text messages and Facebook posts don’t allow for that learning. Read More

Apple has failed us

Bishop Grant J. Hagiya says we should remind the successful computer company of its obligation to better the world through compassion and charity, not just technology and design. Read More

No one should live outside the web of connectivity

Larry Hollon says along with the desperate need for skilled personal and medications in the Ebola crisis is the need for ‘digital humanitarian aid.’ Read More

Bishop John K. Yambasu, chairman of the Religious Leaders Task Force in Sierra Leone, demonstrates a safe way of greeting instead of the traditional handshake. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS.

Correcting misinformation in the Ebola crisis

Larry Hollon says the church is uniquely positioned to help with prevention initiatives in Africa because it has leaders who live in the affected regions and are trusted by the local people. Read More

A higher law

Chris Momany says legal statutes often reflect societal norms. 'People are not granted rights by government. Their God-given rights are recognized and protected by governments.' Read More

On anniversary, witness recalls Kenyan mall massacre

United Methodist Scott Gilpin volunteered at the Red Cross after the attack. “The takeaway was not just the murders I saw, but … God's love in all these people's eyes. Read More

Commentary: Bishop McLee ‘knew the Shepherd’

The Rev. Gil Caldwell remembers the late bishop as a “drum major for justice.” Read More

The United Methodist Church made me who I am

Susan Burton says the attitudes and actions of her parents and grandparents – leaders in their church and community – influenced her decision to work for social justice. Read More

Post-war trauma, mistrust, fuel Ebola crisis

Larry Hollon says the residual effects of violence are long reaching and ‘threaten global health in unexpected ways.’ The church must provide a message of hope. Read More

Commentary on the death of Michael Brown

Bishop Minerva Carcano says African American young people in the U.S. need our caring attention, and that we must have ‘deep conversations’ about racism in our communities. Read More

The first Ebola text message from Bishop John Innis addresses both health and spiritual needs. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Ebola: Texting hope and busting myths

Larry Hollon explains how a history-making text message from Bishop John Innis in Liberia can reach people across broad distances and help save lives. Read More

Worship from the eyes of a child

Linda Ranson Jacobs’ idea to take her small grandson through her church’s sanctuary, explaining what each area was, had some very positive results. Read More

Accurate messages crucial in malaria, Ebola fight

While malaria is curable, Ebola is not. There is real concern that fear will keep malaria patients from seeking treatment and deaths will rise. Getting accurate information out is critical. Read More

Poverty: The common vector

Rev. Larry Hollon says as TV coverage of the Ebola crisis wanes, we must continue 'telling the story' of the people who are suffering. Read More

We are all St. Louisans now

St.Louis area bloggers respond to the police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. 'When one of us hurts, we all hurt.' Read More

Three things youth can do about ISIS and Ebola

Jeremy Steele says reading about tragic situations can make us feel like there's nothing we can do. But that’s not the case. Read More

Communication is aid in Ebola fight

Misinformation and misunderstanding about Ebola abound, and communications plays a critical role in containing the disease, writes the Rev. Larry Hollon. Read More

Ebola response counters fear, disbelief

The Ebola crisis has exposed not only the under-resourced health systems in West Africa, but also the lack of communications infrastructure essential to everyday survival, writes the Rev. Larry Hollon. Read More

Commentary: Robin Williams’ death once could have been mine

The constant threat of depression haunts my days, writes Cynthia Astle. She shares how the church has helped her. Read More

Creating sacred space anywhere you are. Photo illustration by Sophia Agtarap, Rethink Church

Creating sacred space anywhere you are

For anyone going away to college, to a new job or just experiencing change, making your home a haven helps ease the transition. Read More

Free flow of information is critical in crisis

The Rev. Larry Hollon says, in a crisis like Ebola, misinformation can create panic. ‘The free flow of accurate information is essential to global well-being.’ Read More

Robin Williams: After the laughter, the waves of dread

Eric Folkerth says comedians are like Biblical prophets because it is their own pain that gives them such a keen compassion. Read More

Peace and justice possible

“We must never allow war and violence to have the last word.” Bishop Ivan Abrahams says we must commit ourselves to restoring peace. Read More

Photo illustration by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Commentary: Bible not a book but a library

United Methodist pastor shares five benefits of reading Scripture as a collection of God-breathed books. Read More

Four ways children do faith better than adults

Little ones may have a lot to teach us. Yet, we often Read More

Caring church eases difficult journey

As she copes with the challenges of her husband's dementia, Maggie Hillery expresses gratitude for the support she has found through United Methodist ministries. Read More

A Pentecost remembrance: Tiananmen Square

Rev. Doris Kung Chi Pui Dalton reflects on 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Read More

Find yourself a Maya

Glennon Melton, remembering poet Maya Angelou and her relationship with television host Oprah Winfrey, says, “Every woman needs an older, wiser friend.” Read More

The church, Jimmy Fallon and joy

Ben Gosden says United Methodists could learn a lot from the current host of “The Tonight Show” -- especially about how we disagree. Read More

Bishop Rosemarie Wenner. Photo courtesy of the Council of Bishops. Accompanies UMNS story #306. 11/11/13.; An official web-only portrait courtesy of the Council of Bishops

The Power in the Darkness

In this Easter season, Bishop Rosemarie Wenner calls us to stand up for the risen Christ and be witnesses to God's grace in our lives. Read More

My Mother’s Eyes

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson remembers beloved role model. Read More

Sia Nyama Koroma, the first lady of Sierra Leone, welcomes the Rev. Gary Henderson to her office in Freetown to discuss the United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign. Henderson heads the denomination's Global Health Initiative. Several villages in the Bo district will receive new, insecticide-treated mosquito nets from the United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign in the first planned redistribution to replace nets given in 2010. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Villagers testify to Imagine No Malaria’s impact on lives

“We have not had one case of malaria in my family since we started using nets.” Gary Henderson says elder's words in Sierra Leone reminded him of testimonies in church. Read More

Darian Duckworth

The gospel according to “Downton Abbey”

This Easter season, pastor Darian Duckworth examines the difference in being led by tradition and being led by the God who works through tradition. Read More

Check your price tag

Avoid comparisons, writes Jessica LaGrone. Read More

Is it okay to question parts of the Bible?

Adam Hamilton asks if it shows a lack of faith when we wrestle with some of Scripture or does it mean we have faith? Read More

Image of Julian of Norwich courtesy of Evelyn Simak, Wikimedia Commons

How’s that Lenten thing working out for you?

Get ideas to keep body and soul strong during these 40 days from Julian of Norwich who lived in quarters adjoining a church, “between two worlds.” Read More

Honoring Bishop Robert C. Morgan

During Women’s History Month, Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett remembers a man who opened doors for others, including women, ethnic and younger clergy. Read More

Jesus and the poor: A Lenten reflection

Rose Farhat says the way Jesus treated those in poverty verified God's love beyond physical appearance. “Christ looks at the heart of a person.” Read More

Statue of St. Patrick. Photo courtesy of Andreas F. Borchert, Wikimedia.

St. Patrick: Patron saint of P.K.s

Chappell Temple says the preacher’s kid who was sold into slavery not only forgave his captors, he returned to Ireland as a missionary. Read More

An open letter to Sports Illustrated

Pastor Laurie Haller, who has two daughters, speaks out about how women are exploited in the swimsuit issue as well as in American culture. Read More

Portrait of Bishop Joaquina Filipe Nhanala taken on the campus of Scarritt Bennett. Bishop Nhanala of Mozambique is the first female United Methodist bishop in Africa. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS

Women in UMC History

Browse this gallery to learn the stories of courageous, committed women in Methodist history. Visit Site

Dr. Andrew Foster, deaf advocate.  Photo courtesy Bishop Peggy Johnson.

In mission for the deaf

Bishop Peggy Johnson honors Andrew Foster, a deaf person and the only black student at an all-white college, who founded Christian Mission for the Deaf. Read More

From slave to preacher: Harry Hosier

A Methodist pioneer, Harry Hosier gave the first documented sermon by an African-American and preached to a white congregation in 1784. Read More

Why I chose to be arrested in D.C.

For Bill Mefford, the pray-in at the White House to halt deportations was to “cry out for the lives of those so easily crushed.” Read More

Pope Francis is changing the conversation

Larry Hollon says being “personal not provocative” is one of several ways new pontiff puts Christianity in a good light in the wider culture. Read More

Book cover of “Billy Graham: A Life in Pictures” by Ken Garfield. Graham is the director of communications at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C. Photo courtesy of Triumph Books.

The Billy Graham I know - and why he matters

As the Rev. Billy Graham turned 95 in 2013, United Methodist communicator Ken Garfield reflected on the evangelist’s impact. Read More

Jesus Versus the Zombies

Sermon series looks at the bad church ideas that just ... won't ... die. Read More