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Webcast: The God We Can Know

Meet pastor and author Rob Fuquay and learn about The Upper Room's new churchwide worship and study series, The God We Can Know: Exploring the I Am Sayings of Jesus.  During this free, live, one-hour webinar, you will hear from Rob Fuquay about the importance of Jesus’ “I Am” statements in our growth as disciples.  Rob will also share how he has used churchwide resources in his role as pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis and about his experience in the Holy Land creating the DVD for this series.

Upper Room staff member Sharon Conley Cottingham will offer insight into implementing this 7-week worship and study series into your congregation.  This is your opportunity to learn more about this resource and how it will deepen the faith of your small group or your entire congregation.

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ABOUT The God We Can Know:

The God We Can Know is a 7-week worship and study series that helps church members of all ages explore the "I Am" sayings of Jesus and form an answer to the most essential question in the Christian faith, "Who do you say I am?" One by one, Jesus' "I Am" statements grab our imagination, reveal more about his identity and purpose, and connect us to the God of Moses, who spoke the first "I Am".  These significant yet ordinary images (bread, light, shepherd, vine, and more) give us insightful ways to experience Jesus anew and point us to a God who wants to be known.

The God We Can Know offers:

  • A deeper exploration of Jesus' "I Am" sayings
  • Easy-to-use churchwide study for all ages:  adults, youth, and children
  • 7 weekly group sessions on DVD, filmed in the Holy Land along with leader's guide -- Ideal for LENT!
  • Online support featuring sermon guides, worship media, and promotional tools
  • Short daily devotionals based on a weekly theme sent by email to participants
  • Linked to the widely-read daily devotional guide, The Upper Room

Learn more about The God We Can Know churchwide worship and study series: