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Tribute to Bishop Lloyd Knox

By William Lovelace

I have been a GBGM missionary serving in Russia, Ukraine and Lithunia for almost 22 years. In 1992, as a new bishop in North GA, Bishop Knox went out of his way to allow me to do my ordination work in the North GA conference, even though I had never been associated with N. GA and the US conference where I was a candidate was hesitant to ordain me if I was not to be a resident there. The Russia Annual Conference was just being formed at the time and I could not have my elders orders there. He also permitted me to be ordained in Russia by Bishop Ruedigor Minor, while my deacons´s and later elder´s orders resided in N. GA. Bishop Knox´s navigating through the particularities of our beloved ordination system gave me the opportunity to fulfill a call to missionary service for which I am forever grateful. Thanks be to God for his servant´s heart and dedication to the global church.