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Immigration policy and practice under the Obama administration and now new challenges under Trump administration have been promoting response for years from concerned faith and secular communities. Tightly-spaced wire mesh prevents more than fingertip contact across the border between Tijuana, Mexico and the U.S in this 2012 file photo.

United Methodist churches offer sanctuary

More than 800 places of worship have vowed to shelter and protect immigrants fearing deportation under the Trump administration. Read More

António Guterres awaits his Dec. 12 swearing-in ceremony as the ninth secretary-general of the United Nations. United Methodists are among the signers of a letter congratulating him and calling for a new focus on peacebuilding. Photo by Mark Garten, United Nations

Strengthen peacemaking, new UN head urged

United Methodists among non-governmental organization leaders asking new U.N. Secretary General to focus on peacemaking. Read More

The Commission on a Way Forward sees hope for unity in The United Methodist Church. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Way Forward commissioners share prayers, hopes

Commission members, charged with dealing with church unity and the homosexuality debate, talked about where they see potential points of agreement. Read More

The Rev. Bibine Kibonge of Manono is giving shelter to people displaced by the ongoing clashes between tribes.

Church acts as bridge between warring tribes in Congo

United Methodists shelter displaced families and work on peace building to bring together indigenous minority tribes with the majority Bantu. Read More

United Methodist Women in Liberia dedicated a women’s dormitory that will provide free housing for students. The dormitory, located in the compound of The United Methodist Church in Monrovia, will house 40 young women when it becomes operational in September 2017. Photo by Julu Swen, UMNS.

New dormitory in Liberia to house women in need

The United Methodist Women project will provide free housing to help young women further their education. Read More

Westminster's Methodist Central Hall hosts historic events that celebrate the life and ministry of John Wesley, founder of The United Methodist Church. Photos by Joe Iovino, United Methodist Communications.

Serving the world from the heart of London: Methodist Central Hall

In January 1946, the first United Nations General Assembly met in a building constructed to celebrate the life and ministry of John Wesley. Read More

Scripture and sections of The United Methodist Book of Discipline, the denomination’s lawbook, are offered as guides to conversations about what the church believes. The guide starts with 1 John 4:16-21.

Affirming Wesleyan values as Trump takes office

House parties will explore scripture and The United Methodist Church’s Social Principles on social justice issues ranging from immigration to health care. Read More

Forty United Methodists who are members of the 115th Congress will be working in the U. S. Capitol in Washington. Photo by Kevin McCoy, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

40 United Methodists in new U.S. Congress

Overall number of United Methodists dips since last Congress. Republicans still outnumber Democrats. Read More

The General Council on Finance and Administration has released a guide for United Methodist churches considering using crowdfunding websites. Illustration by Dieter Scheppeit, courtesy of Pixabay; modified by UMNS

6 tips on crowdfunding for churches

The United Methodist Church’s finance agency has released a new guide for using sites like Kickstarter. The advice: User beware. Read More

President Barack Obama kisses Dorothy Height during a meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Jan. 18, 2010. President Obama met with a group of African-American seniors and their grandchildren on the legacy of the civil rights movement.

Dorothy Height stamp debuts Feb. 1

A leader in civil rights and women’s rights, United Methodist Dorothy Height is vividly depicted in U.S. Postal Service’s Black Heritage series. Read More