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Get Them Talking: Joy

At Easter we celebrate the joy of the Lord, the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. Have a family chat about how faith shapes the happy times in your family. Read More

United Methodist Women take part in a witness about climate justice in 2016. File photo courtesy of UMW.

Women Who Shaped The United Methodist Church

United Methodist Women have been committed to improving lives of women and children for 150 years. Meet some foremothers in the faith. More

Daffodils bloom in a field. Image courtesy of

Spring symbols remind us of Resurrection

The birds, bees, and flowers of spring can make it easier to understand the promise of new life and renewed hope that Christians proclaim as “Easter people.” Read More

Mary McLeod Bethune with the 1928 graduating class of Bethune-Cookman College. Courtesy of Florida State Library and Archives.

Methodist Women’s History: Mary McLeod Bethune

During Women's History Month, a salute to a pioneer whose sweet potato pies laid the cornerstone of an American university that still stands today. View

Image of topics for photo-of-the-day challenge in Lent 2019.  Courtesy United Methodist Communications.

Rethink Church: 2019 Lent Photo of the Day

What is your community doing to #RethinkChurch leading up to Easter? Share a picture and tag it with #RethinkChurch. More

Desktop Meditation: A Lenten Journey

"Mini retreat" offers a personal chance to reflect on the 40 days of Lent through photos and singing of "Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown." View

Dancers from Mandell United Methodist Church in Chicago perform at the 2011 Northern Illinois Annual Conference. Photo courtesy of the Northern Illinois Conference.

Desktop Meditation: Easter Joy

Watch and download a reflection with joyful photos of United Methodists around the world, set to music by the Africa University Choir. View

Timeline of Women in Methodism

March is Women's History Month. We invite you to learn about some amazing women who helped shape the history of the church. More

Woman sits in park. Photo illustration by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications.

40 Days of Lent: Find your own spiritual path

There is no one, right way to observe a holy Lent. These ideas and resources will help you stay on track throughout the season. Read More

Several U.S. presidents had ties to   what is now The United Methodist Church.  Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry.

Many U.S. presidents have Methodist ties

Leaders from Lincoln to FDR to Obama turned to Wesley's followers for spiritual and social aid. Read More

An animated feature has john and Charles writing an Easter hymn. Illustration courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Wesleys Take the Web: Hymn for Easter Day

In this episode, Charles Wesley kicks around an idea for an Easter hymn and John chimes in. View

The published and unpublished verse of Charles Wesley teach us a great deal about our relationship with God. Image by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley hymn devotions for Lent and Easter

Many hymns of Charles Wesley focus on Lent and Easter themes. These devotions use some of this early Methodist's work to help us reflect on the season. Read More

Share these tips to talk with your family about forgiveness. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Forgiveness

During the season of Lent, we remember how much God forgives us when we do wrong. Have a family talk about forgiving others and how to recognize Lent together. Read More

United Methodist series of discussion starters for families. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Discussion starters for families

Each month we provide a scripture, reflection, prayer, activity and some starter questions to help families initiate conversations about faith issues. Read More

Pray for United Methodists meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, in February. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

General Conference is happening. What can I do?

You may feel far removed from the General Conference Special Session, but there are ways to support those doing the work and follow along. More

Monthly United Methodist resources help start talks about love and other faith topics. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Love

Find Scripture and discussion points to talk with your loved ones about how caring for others is a way of showing how much God loves us. Read More

The Rev. Paul Chilcote sings a hymn of Charles Wesley during the 2016 Wesley Pilgrimage in England. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Singing Our Faith in Lent and Easter with Paul Chilcote

Hymns are meant to be sung! A United Methodist scholar and pastor shares how Charles Wesley’s also have much to teach us during this season of resurrection. Listen

The inlet cross of Belin UMC gleams brights against the sky over Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina. Photo by Austin Bond Photography.

Before I die, I want to _____: A Lenten reflection

Throughout these 40 days, how will you restore perspective and remember the gifts you've received from Jesus that make life full and meaningful? Read More

United Methodists share a rich heritage. Image by United Methodist Communications.

Campaign reflects United Methodist response to God’s call

We are one church with many expressions. Free resources celebrate the ways United Methodists respond to God’s call. Yesterday. Today. Forever. Read More

An animated feature has John Wesley in a pool to talk about baptism. Illustration courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Wesleys Take the Web: Baptism

In a splashy new animated feature, John and Charles dip their toes into the deep waters of baptism. View