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Share these tips to talk with your family about forgiveness. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Forgiveness

As Lent begins we remember how much God forgives us when we do wrong. Have a family talk about forgiving others and how to recognize Lent together. Read More

Pray for United Methodists meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, in February. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

General Conference is happening. What can I do?

You may feel far removed from the General Conference Special Session, but there are ways to support those doing the work and follow along. More

Monthly United Methodist resources help start talks about love and other faith topics. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Love

Find Scripture and discussion points to talk with your loved ones about how caring for others is a way of showing how much God loves us. Read More

Several U.S. presidents had ties to   what is now The United Methodist Church.  Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry.

Many U.S. presidents have Methodist ties

Leaders from Lincoln to FDR to Obama turned to Wesley's followers for spiritual and social aid. Read More

United Methodists share a rich heritage. Image by United Methodist Communications.

Campaign reflects United Methodist response to God’s call

We are one church with many expressions. Free resources celebrate the ways United Methodists respond to God’s call. Yesterday. Today. Forever. Read More

United Methodist series of discussion starters for families. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Discussion starters for families

Each month we provide a scripture, reflection, prayer, activity and some starter questions to help families initiate conversations about faith issues. Read More

An animated feature has John Wesley in a pool to talk about baptism. Illustration courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Wesleys Take the Web: Baptism

In a splashy new animated feature, John and Charles dip their toes into the deep waters of baptism. View

United Methodists teach that we can teach others about God by sharing kindness. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Get Them Talking: Kindness

Looking for a good family discussion starter? A new monthly series begins with reflections on how being kind is a way of serving God. Read More

Stained glass window features Shelly Gale, an early deaconess at Mother African Zoar United Methodist Church. Photo by John Coleman.

Methodist History: Mother African Zoar’s Legacy

Pennsylvania congregation has cared for its community for over 220 years, and passed on their spirit. 'We birthed five other churches.” View

Devotions can help us focus during our Christmas preparations. Image by Troy Dossett, United Methodist Communications.

Make Room for Christmas: Advent Devotions

Five short devotions help us pause to reflect on how we will make room in our lives for Christ this Christmas. Read More

John and Charles Wesley prepare to burn notes on Watch Night, illustration from the Wesleys Take the Web series by Jonathan Richter and Charlie Baber.

Wesleys Take the Web: Watch Night

Out with the old and in with a new commitment to God. John and Charles observe Watch Night on New Year's Eve in this new animated episode. View

Choirs perform Christmas hymns at Barratt's Chapel's annual Christmas Carols concert in 2016.Image from video by Kisker Productions for United Methodist Communications.

Christmas Carols at United Methodist Landmark

Step back in time and enjoy traditional hymns at Barratt's Chapel. “Worshipers were singing those same carols here, same notes, same words, 200 years ago, and that’s special.” View

The Oakville Ballet Company in Ontario performs

Finding faith in “The Nutcracker,” a Christmas classic

You may be very familiar with this seasonal favorite, but a United Methodist pastor says we can see it in a new way through the lens of faith. Read More

Advent Reflection: Waiting on the Light

"Advent done well helps us center ourselves." Watch and share this meditation on how to prepare yourself for the birth of Jesus. View

The published and unpublished verse of Charles Wesley teach us a great deal about our relationship with God. Image by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley hymn devotions for Advent and Christmas

Four devotions drawing on Charles Wesley's hymns help us reflect upon the miracle of Christmas. Read More

The Christmas Conference founded the church that would be led by Francis Asbury. Image public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Christmas Conference: 10 days that started a church

The founding conference of the Methodist church in America began on Christmas Eve. Their gift to us is a legacy alive in The United Methodist Church today. Read More

In his hymns, Charles Wesley highlights many of the aspects of Jesus’ birth. Infographic by Trevor Scruggs, United Methodist Communications.

Christmas in the Hymns of Charles Wesley Infographic

This beautiful infographic highlights some of the Advent and Christmas hymns of Charles Wesley. View

Author and professor Paul Chilcote has written a devotional using the Advent and Christmas hymns of Charles Wesley. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Singing our Faith at Christmas with Paul Chilcote

Hymns aren't just for singing! The hymns of Charles Wesley also teach us about our faith and help us draw closer to Christ in this holy season. Listen

Author and pastor Adam Hamilton shares about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Photo courtesy the Rev. Adam Hamilton.

Christmas through Joseph's Eyes with Adam Hamilton

United Methodist pastor and best-selling author of “Faithful,” shares lessons about character, faith, and fatherhood from Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Listen

Image portray Susanna Wesley, mother of the founders of Methodism. Courtesy of General Commission on Archives and History.

Susanna Wesley: Mother of Methodism

John and Charles Wesley's mom was a strong woman of faith. “The differences she made have lived on because of the sons that she raised.” View