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Volunteers Adopt Hospice Pets



When pet owners have to go into hospice care, they can worry a great deal about the fate of their pets. A program called Pet Peace of Mind helps find foster families for these animals, and helps ease the transition for the patient and the pet.

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(Locator: Tulsa, Oklahoma)

(McNac with dog) "What a sweetheart you are..."

The Rev. Delana Taylor McNac: "The perfect volunteer for Pet Peace of Mind is someone who not only loves animals, but is dedicated to their care and is willing to do for someone else's pet what they would do for their own. So we rely on volunteers to participate in each hospice, and we find people are more than willing to help because they find themselves wondering, 'What would happen to my pets if I found out that I was dying?'"

The Rev. Delana Taylor McNac: "My name is Rev. Delana Taylor McNac and I am a deacon with Haikey Chapel Indian United Methodist Church here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I started the Pet Peace of Mind program back in 2007. The program works with non-profit hospices to try to find either a foster home or permanent adoptive home for a patient's pet during their end of life journey."

(Locator: Midland, Texas)

Sharon Wetz: "My name is Sharon Wetz and Ivolunteer forHospice of Midland."

Sharon Wetz: "The patient wasn't doing real well. He was just more worried about the dog than himself. And as I sat there, I thought, 'Okay, my son is getting married. They need a dog.'"

Matt Wetz: "He acts like he has four legs. We thought he is going to be a little slower; he's not going to be like all the other dogs. He can run!"

Alison Wetz: "I'm Alison Wetz and this is my husband, Matt Wetz, and we're from Midland, Texas and we have adopted a pet through Pet Peace of Mind. We have a dog named Cassidy."

Matt Wetz: "When we first got him, he was a little skittish and kind of scared. It was almost like he was sad, like he knew something happened. After a while he started warming up to us."

Alison Wetz: "It didn't really take him long to adjust, I don't think. When he saw our back yard, a huge grassy area, he was so excited."

Alison Wetz: "He wants to be at your feet or on the floor by you."

Matt Wetz: "He'll jump up on the couch and sit with you. He'll jump up in the chair."

Voice of Susie Mauldin, Hospice of Midland: "These volunteers are saving the lives of these animals. About the only other choice for them is to be taken to Animal Control and there's only so many days they get and then they're euthanized."

Alison Wetz: "We were just glad to help him have a peaceful time as he was so sick."

Sharon Wetz: "You really want that dog or animal to have a place to go, you really do. I'm sure the gentleman is at peace. I have a feeling he knows the dog is in a good home."


You can learn more about Pet Peace of Mind on this blog. Or you can call 503-922-5801.

Posted: June 9, 2011