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UMTV: Prayer Room Offers Sacred Space



Volunteers created a special prayer space, and offered special prayers, for the delegates and attendees to the United Methodist 2012 General Conference in Tampa, Florida. Delegate Rose Booker-Jones appeciates the effort. "As United Methodists, we are people of prayer. Prayer is just a daily part of my living...That's one tool, one instrument, that God has given us to continue to be in communication with him."

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(Locator: Tampa, Florida)

(Sound of someone praying) "&ellipsis;she will be attuned to your spirit, as your spirit hovers&ellipsis;"

Tom Albin, Prayer Support Ministry: "This General Conference we have a Prayer Room. We have prayer volunteers and we have places where people can come to be alone with God."

Mark Calhoun, Delegate: "For delegates it's helpful, being away from home, coming to a new place, being in this environment, to have a sacred space carved out for us."

Tom Albin: "And we are praying for all of the leaders, the delegates and the support teams."

Frances Jennings, Prayer Support Ministry: "In the prayer room, we're not praying either side of the issues, we're simply praying for God's will."

Rose Booker-Jones, Delegate: "While I'm here, you know, I take moments of just silent prayer asking God, you know, to help you discern his direction and not so much what we want but what is it that God wants."

(Sound of prayer) "Father God we give you thanks for the gift of your son Jesus Christ, for his vicarious death, for us and for the world."

Tom Albin: "This prayer ministry sent 100 folks to pray all through this building, every meeting room, every hallway, around the perimeter."

Mark Calhoun: "I've been really encouraged by the sense of constant prayer that's coming from folks that are praying for us throughout this country and throughout the world."

(Sound of prayer)

Joyce Estes, Prayer Room Artist: "What we need, really, most of all, is to cover each delegate and each bishop and each person that has to make a decision in prayer. So we have over 2000 of these prayer mantels, prayer scarves and we want the delegates to take these home and pray, remind them to pray daily."

Mark Calhoun: "We find ourselves oftentimes praying where tension is high and where we're experiencing difficulties in our lives, but really we need to be reminded in our ordinary daily lives to stay grounded in that rhythm of prayer."

Rose Booker-Jones "As United Methodists, we are people of prayer. Prayer is just a daily part of my living from the time I get up in the morning til I go to bed at night. That is one tool, one instrument, God has given us to continue to stay in communication with him."

Posted: May 10, 2012

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