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UMTV: Church’s Harry Potter Halloween


Harry Potter fans can live out their dreams for a day in a magical place. That place is Quincy Community United Methodist Church in Massachusetts. Every October, the staff and church transform themselves for a day of fun.



(Locator: Quincy, Massachusetts)

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden, "Professor McGonagall": "Welcome to Hogwarts!"

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden: "In this day and age, there are lots and lots of people who have never ever set foot in a church. We feel that the Harry Potter Extravaganza is a way to welcome people into our church."

Magic Sorting Hat: "Gryffindor!"

Alex Bouley: "I don't go to church. I have been here for six times and every time there something different."

Deirdre Small: "It doesn't feel like we're being recruited. It feels like were being welcomed."

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden: "I'm Rev. Doctor Susan Jarek-Glidden, pastor of Quincy Community United Methodist Church here in Quincy, Massachusetts. And we are having our 7th Annual Harry Potter Extravaganza."

John O'Connor, "Hagrid": "Welcome to Hogwarts. Are you ready for an afternoon of fun? Real cool!"

John O'Connor: "It's a great event. The kids have fun. Hopefully they learn something, but more importantly they just have some nice clean fun on a Saturday afternoon."

Picture Lady: "Password?"

Kid: "Jell-O."

Picture Lady: "Enter."

Wand Woman: "Would you like to test your wand? We have all types here. Illuminoso. Illuminoso."

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden: "Every year we have a sorting ceremony with an authentic sorting hat, which does in fact talk. That's the group you will be going with as you go through the different classes or activities."

(Plant screams as it is pulled out of its planter)

Kids: "Whoa!"

Alex Bouley: "You have all these things that are from the Harry Potter world that could never happen in real life. You feel like you're in the movie."

Deirdre Small: "We came four or five years ago when it first started. She remembered it and loved it. It's become part of our Halloween tradition."

Maura MacDonald: "It's just so much fun and I think the kids really enjoy it a lot and the parents enjoy it a lot. Even the staff enjoys it a lot."

The Rev. Anthony Jarek-Glidden, "Mad-Eye Moody": "Good afternoon. I'm Professor Alastor Moody and this is Defense Against the Dark Arts."

The Rev. Anthony Jarek-Glidden: "For me, it's a great opportunity to make these kids feel like this is a safe place. It's a place where they can feel like they're at home."

Chanting spell: "Emobies reducto."

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden: "In the Harry Potter books, people are taught right from wrong, good from evil, truth verses lies, and it reaches hearts and minds of so many people. People come to it as repeat people and they spread the word that this church is a great church."

Deirdre Small: "For a church to be bold enough and innovative enough to sponsor a Harry Potter festival, I think it's remarkable. "

Nancy Ahonen, "Bellatrix Lestrange": "You know, you may not be rolling people in the aisles in the church Sunday morning, but you get people who remember us and think about us, and have good thoughts. You don't know where that is going to go to."

The Rev. Susan Jarek-Glidden: "As it grows, we keep thinking of new and different ways we can expand the ministry of Harry Potter itself. And believe me, all of us here at Quincy Community - AKA Hogwarts - are looking forward to next year."


For more information on the annual Harry Potter Halloween event and to view photos, visitQuincy Community United Methodist Church or call 617-773-3319.

Posted: October 26, 2011