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UMTV: Booths Educate and Engage



Creative displays allowed delegates and visitors of GC2012 to learn about exciting ministries The United Methodist Church offers.

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(Locator: Tampa, Florida)

Jeehye Kim Pak, GCORR: We are at the General Agency display area of the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Susie Canafax, Global Ministries: And the display area has all the general agency displays in it to help the delegates who are here with General Conference understand a little bit more about each general agency of the church.

Nancy Bachman, Deaconess: There's artwork that's being created and taking shape right across from our own booths and we're watching that happen.

Myles Maillie, Artist: I thought of the idea of doing boxes, stacking them up. And you can see by the mural here that there's many many types of communication.

Poonam Patodia, United Methodist Communications: The theme of our booth is, 'Art of Communications.' What we are trying to show here is the role communications plays in the life of the church.

Jeehye Kim Pak, GCORR: I'm excited to go get my picture taken and it's a picture taken so that it's a picture where I am in a mission field with other missionaries and the folks that live there.

Nancy Bachman, Deaconess: Get a massage, get your blood pressure checked. It seems like they're taking care of not just informational, but the whole body, mind, and soul while you are here.

Sharon Hinton, UMC Health Ministry: Many people travel from all over the world to get here and they don't take their medicines or they don't take them on time. They're sleep deprived, they're thirsty and they come to our booth to get back onto a regular blood pressure.

Don Messer, UM Global AIDS Fund: We have a booth for the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund. And the purpose of that booth has been two-fold. One is to provide education to United Methodists about how to be involved in the education, prevention, care and treatment of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the world. And second, to motivate United Methodists to be involved."

Jeehye Kim Pak, GCORR: So here at the General Commission on Religion and Race's booth, we decided to bring in the race machine. And the race machine is where one can go inside and take a picture and you can choose to be a different race and it changes your facial qualities in a very subtle way.

Lisa Bachman, Deaconess: There's a prayer room and it's a place of quiet where you just go and reflect and pray and work on a quilt that they are putting together.

Lisa Bachman, Deaconess (shows quilt square): You can see they are doing them in different languages. We've got Hindi here. It's a very individual expression of how people are feeling.

Jeehye Kim Pak, GCORR: It's just so many things that you can do. And it's not just your being here but you're able to experience something that The United Methodist Church is doing outside of the United States and you're able to experience that right here in Tampa.

Posted: May 10, 2012

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