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The Church in Sierra Leone: Ebola and Food Security


Ebola has left West Africa vulnerable to hunger as farmers struggle to put seed in the ground. Months of quarantines in 2014 resulted in communities eating most of their seed to avoid starvation. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns that millions of people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are facing food insecurity and The United Methodist Church is responding to the impending crisis.   

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A team from United Methodist Communications saw the effects of the crisis first-hand in early 2015 and shares this exclusive video. 

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If you want to help United Methodist churches in Sierra Leone and Liberia recover from the Ebola epidemic, you can donate to:

Sierra Leone Undesignated Advance #00387A 

Liberia Undesignated Advance #00382A

This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.
Media contact is Jan Snider, 615-742-5474.

This video was first posted on May 15, 2015.