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The Church in Sierra Leone: Academics, Teen Pregnancy and Ebola


Because of the threat of Ebola in 2014, schools in Sierra Leone were shuttered for an entire academic year.  As a key player in the West African country’s academic system, The United Methodist Church is addressing concerns that students will not return, that teachers have abandoned their profession to work for higher-paying non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and that teen pregnancy has skyrocketed. 

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A team from United Methodist Communications saw the situation first-hand in early 2015 and shares this exclusive video.

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You can help United Methodist churches in Sierra Leone and Liberia recover from the Ebola epidemic by donating to:

Sierra Leone Undesignated Advance #00387A 

Liberia Undesignated Advance #00382A

This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.
Media contact is Jan Snider, 615-742-5474.

This video was first posted on May 15, 2015.