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Sierra Leone Video Diary: Monday Training


The team in the field watched a June 2 training event in Sierra Leone for health workers, and volunteers like teachers, pastors, and students to bring villagers information about life-saving nets and how to use them to fight malaria. Henrietta Emmanuel is the Malaria Coordinator for the Sierra Leone Conference, "Every place is being captured."  

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(Man instructing:) The answer: one or two persons = one LLIN ( long-lasting insecticide- treated bed net) or one tent. Then the focus is two…

Henrietta Emmanuel, Sierra Leone Annual Conference: I am Henrietta Emmanuel and I am the malaria coordinator for The United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone Annual Conference. What we’re doing here today is the training of volunteers. And these volunteers are the ones going around the community distributing the nets. So, most of them are health workers, teachers. Actually for us, The United Methodist Church, as we go along, when we see that we need more volunteers, we involve our pastors, we involve our secondary school teachers, we involve the students also, so that every place has been caught and every place has been captured (covered).