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Sierra Leone Video Diary: Grateful Tuesday


Dr. Alhaji Sayani Turay is the Medical Officer for the Bo District of Sierra Leone. Turay says his country is "swimming" in malaria. A delivery happening this week will bring thousands of bails of insecticide treated bed nets to keep families safe from the mosquitoes that carry the deadly malaria parasite.

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(doctor speaking to group) “We will do everything possible to make sure that…”

Dr. Alhaji Sayni Turay, Bo District Medical Officer:

“I am Dr. Alhaji Sayni Turay, the District Medical Officer, Bo District. We are actually swimming in malaria. Because, I mean by that is, everywhere you go there is malaria in this country. Every corner, everywhere you go in Sierra Leone you have malaria everywhere. That is why I say we are swimming in malaria. So this is a very, very, very massive distribution of bed nets and we are very grateful to UMC coming in at this time to support the district in providing the bed nets and helping us in the distribution because all the fundings we are receiving actually in the district now is coming from UMC. Everybody’s dream is do a little bit but this is a very massive one because I know as I stand here, the cost of those bed nets, thousands and thousands of bails coming into the district at this time, a very huge amount. We are very grateful to, for and organization like UMC to come in to give the support. We are very, very proud of that and it is overwhelming."