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GC2012 Celebration Sunday: The Advance



The United Methodist Advance offers an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with missionaries or assist the church with disaster relief. Gifts also help communities to build churches, provide lifesaving healthcare, dig wells, educate children, and share the word of God. Here's a look at some of the people at work in the world-- and those who make their missions possible.

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(Locator: Tampa, Florida)

(Hadley selling jewelry at a table after church)
Shopper says: "Little birds. Isn't that fun?"

In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Hadley Davis sells handmade jewelry to help those in need.

Hadley Davis: "It'll make a big difference when I give all the money through The Advance."
Woman at table says: "This goes to missions?" "Yes."

Davis also knows donations go directly to where they are needed most. This time she's raising money for those affected by tornadoes.

Hadley Davis: "Some of them have lost their houses. Some of them have lost their family members. And if you put yourself in their place, it just crushes your heart."

The 10-year-old has collected close to $1500 to be given through the advance. She's the youngest member of Oak Park United Methodist Church's mission board.

Karen Destefano, Oak Park UMC:
"Hadley is not only an example for the youth, she's also an example for the adults.
I think they can't help but think, 'If this girl can do this, why aren't we doing more?'"

Hadley: "I feel most proud probably when I'm sticking all that money into the envelope."
(Hadley counting money) "$173, $174, $175&ellipsis;"

(Sound of airplane)
(Gaston talks on plane's radio)

Gaston Ntambo is a pilot for "Wings of the Morning"-a ministry that offers aid to critically-ill patients from remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is an Advance project many U.S. conferences, like New Jersey, enthusiastically support.

The Rev. Doug Miller, Barryville United Methodist Church:
"This aviation ministry thing needs 20,000 dollars for our share of this airplane. I'm asking you today-'Can you stand up and give me some money?'"

"Matawan United Methodist in the northern district would like to give $1000."
"Praise the Lord."
"We pledge $500."
"Haitian United Methodist Church from Irvington, $250."
"Keep it coming! Keep it coming!"

Gaston Ntambo: "The flight is free for them. It's like an angel coming down to their rescue."

(Sound of plane)

Through the Advance, United Methodists also support missionaries like Kim Torres, who created Branches, a mentoring program in Florida City.

Kim Torres: "There are always people here who will love them and care for them."

Branches serves the children of farm workers and hospitality employees.

Kim Torres: "There are some families that work all day and have two jobs or they have 7 or 8 kids so it's very difficult to give that one-on-one time."

(Kim to student) "Rebecca's got homework, Jessica's got homework, Eddie has to read."

Kim Torres: "The responsibility lies on them. Their responsibility to know Jesus Christ, their responsibility to become better educated, and responsibility to make positive life choices."

(Kim to boy) "How did you do on your spelling test?"
(child) "I passed it."

Posted: May 7, 2012

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