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Garden Grows Community Care



Spiritual fulfillment can be found in a lot of places; in nature, hard work, and community. Lilla Marigza shows us how some volunteers went outside church walls to feed bodies, and souls.

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Hundreds of United Methodists around Fort Worth started their Saturday with a praise pep rally, then headed out to 25 volunteer projects&ellipsis; from helping out at a homeless shelter for families, to repairing siding on homes, and sowing a community garden.

(Sound of garden tiller)

Mike Rodden, First United Methodist of Crowley: "We are actually helping to till this garden and plant new plants in it."

Volunteers worked alongside staff of "Opening Doors for Women in Need," setting vegetable plants for this year's crop. The harvest will feed residents and others who live nearby.

Sandra Stanley, Opening Doors for Women in Need: "We want to make these rows. She calls them contours so when the rain comes it will stay."

Teens from several United Methodist churches dug into the project, eager to help. Church youth coordinator Ella Boyd said she hopes the experience will plant seeds for the future.

Ella Boyd, Morningside United Methodist Church: "They're so used to having things easy and we want them to see that there are people out there in need and it's good to sacrifice for others."

Katie Delp: "I came out just to give the earth something back."

(Volunteers work in garden) "Pull that one out. We'll put this one in and I'll check the last one."

The project is vital to the neighborhood. Many healthy dinners will be served from this garden.

Sandra Stanley: "We can come out here and get a whole meal-- the onions, the tomatoes, the squash-- and go cook it."

Ben Chrismon, First United Methodist Church of Hurst: "I think as we continue to grow and the church goes in a new direction, we're gonna have to rethink how we do community, how we live with other people, and what that means for sharing our resources."


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Posted: May 3, 2011