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First-time volunteer at 91


United Methodists believe we are all called to make disciples of Christ and serve others. There are no rules for when or where we serve, and no age limits. Meet a volunteer whose stamina might surprise you.


(Locator: Nashville, Tennessee)

Mary Bragg, Doylestown, Ohio: "I'm Mary Bragg and I belong to The United Methodist Church of Doylestown. I'm 91. This is my first trip on a mission. I thought, 'Boy, I'd like to do that but I'm too old. So my daughter talked me into doing it. She said, 'Come on, mom. Let's go.' So I decided. I packed my clothes and here I am.

We have a crew of about 25 here. Men, women, and maybe 5 or 6teenage girls who came along to help. And we're wrapping this lady's possessions."

Earl Kerr, Doylestown, Ohio: "I'm Earl Kerr, I'm one of the co-leaders of our 23-member mission crew.

Our project has been pretty much to empty the house out because we had to get all the carpets up. It's flood relief, so we're removing carpets and taking out walls that had mold and that sort of thing.

Mostly, Mary hashandled packagingthings for us, and thathas been a challenge because we've packed a lot of crystal and glass goods. They're fragile and requirehandling with care and she's done that very well."

(Mary, working on site) "We use bubble wrap and that reallyprotects some of the more delicate things."

Roberta Gleason, Doylestown, Ohio: "I'm Roberta Gleason. I'm Mary's daughter. She's been a great help."

(Mary, working on site) "There we go."

"She's helped in the kitchen. She's helped here. She's a great help. She does get tired, but she's allowed to. It's up to you. If you've got the strength and the calling, do it. You're never too old."

Mary Bragg: "I've done the small things. You need small helpers and big helpers."


For more information about volunteer opportunities, call 212-870-3825.

Posted: March 2, 2011

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