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Family Volunteer Vacation



Summer is a time when most families pack up and head for the beach. But for the past few years, the Kiefer family has given up vacation to use their talents in the family construction business to help people rebuild their homes after storms.

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(Locator: Big Rock, Tennessee)

Karla Kiefer: "We get dirty, get sweaty together. And it just strengthens us. It brings us closer together. We're from Sedgewickville, Missouri and we're in Big Rock, Tennessee to do repairs from the tornado damage.

Karla Kiefer, Sedgewickville Crossroads United Methodist: "My name's Karla Kiefer. I am youth leader and I'm also a mother. Our annual mission trips are also family vacations. My husband &ellipsis; I call the workaholic &ellipsis;when it comes to vacation, he is more comfortable doing a vacation such as a mission trip than to go out and spend money at vacation resorts and other things."

Wayne Kiefer: "It works out pretty good. My wife says that's the only way she can get me to leave home,'cause I work all the time like I said do construction. We've got a small farm. So it's one way to get away to help, get something done for other people, and be as a family together."

Tate Kiefer, 11-year-old: "Normally, we get a lot of time to talk to each other while we work or have fun."

Trent Kiefer: "I'm Trent Kiefer. I'm 18. We're putting on this roof for Wayne. This week we hope to finish two-thirds of the roof. We hope to maybe get a ceiling up in the front porch."

Harold Wayne Eagle, Homeowner: "These folks took the time to look at what they were doing, and to be considerate about my house and my belongings. And it makes a world of difference. So I'm thoroughly pleased with their presence and their progress"

Karla Kiefer: "You would be amazed at what these kids can do. Yes, these kids can tear off a roof and put a roof back on. These kids can put up sheet rock. These kids can lay down flooring. You may not be able to get it out of 'em at home, but when you say it's a mission trip and they're working for God and they're working to help somebody else, they all jump in there and they all work hard. And it's not just our kids, it's all these kids."


You can find more information on volunteer opportunities in your area from the Board of Global Ministries by calling 1-800-UMC-GBGM (1-800-862-4246).

Posted: July 5, 2011