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Denver Church Celebrates Christmas with the Homeless


In case you ever doubt that there is God’s work going on in the world, stop by Civic Center Park in Denver, Colorado on Christmas Day or most any day in-between.  Members of a United Methodist congregation and other volunteers visit the public space each week, to share food for the soul and the body with anyone who comes forward.  

The effort is sponsored by 
AfterHours Denver, a church without walls. Members meet in pubs and restaurants and spend part of their worship time making sandwiches to serve the homeless. The group shares 700 sack lunches a week and offers a communion service at the park. Volunteers show their faith with presence, offering spiritual support to their homeless brethren. On Christmas Day 2014, more than seven hundred guests were greeted by almost as many sets of helping hands. The holiday was a true holy day in that space. 

This video was done by Deniger Stories for AfterHours Denver.