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Daily Digest - May 23, 2016

“This resolution continues the historic commitment of The United Methodist Church to advocate for quality healthcare for all people.” — The Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe on healthcare legislation passed by General Conference. Read More

Daily Digest - May 21, 2016

“If you believe that the Bible condemns homosexuality, but have never asked a gay Christian how they understand the Bible, you gotta get out of that tomb. If you believe... Read More

Daily Digest - May 20, 2016

“We’re so used to saying, ‘It’s OK,’ and I think we’ve gotten to the point where it’s not OK.” — Cynthia Kent, chair of the Native American... Read More

Daily Digest - May 19, 2016

“Our church is struggling, and there are voices all around the edges — just a variety of voices. What I’m afraid of is that if we don’t pause and... Read More

Daily Digest - May 18, 2016

“We remain in dialogue; so much of who we are is working, yet so much needs to adapt to new realities.” — Bishop Bruce Ough on church unity. Read More

Daily Digest - May 17, 2016

“Black Lives Matter is a movement that has opened the door and stepped into The United Methodist Church.” — The Rev. Pamela Lightsey, who helped organize a march into the General... Read More

Daily Digest - May 16, 2016

“The objective of this message is to help you, our brothers and sisters in the church, to understand how widely and deeply the young people are engaged in Christ’s... Read More

Daily Digest - May 14, 2016

“It is not about distance. It is not about economic situation. It is not about color. But it is all about love. We can, indeed, transform this world by being... Read More

Daily Digest - May 13, 2016

“The starting point of all transformation is to humbly and wholeheartedly submit myself to the wounded healer Jesus Christ and to unconditionally depend on him for the healing of the... Read More

Daily Digest - May 12, 2016

“Everyone here is a child of God. Any behavior to the contrary of that truth undermines the gospel and is a choice to live beneath our privilege ” — Bishop Gregory V.... Read More