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Daily Digest - May 4, 2014

"I grieve when I look at what happened in Baltimore. Misguided anger has shifted the focus from justice." — Baltimore native Bishop Warner Brown Jr. Read More

Daily Digest - May 1, 2015

"Let us pray for the people of Nepal and Baltimore. Let us work in our own communities to address the injustices of poverty and racism ... ." — Bishop John Schol, Greater. Read More

Daily Digest - April 30, 2015

"The traditional home (in Nepal) is a mud home with not much lighting and small windows. " — Dr. Lester Dornon, United Methodist missionary to Nepal. Read More

Daily Digest - April 29, 2015

"I continue to call on the people of Baltimore and all United Methodists to stand up for the values that endow ... ." — Bishop Marcus Matthews. Read More

Daily Digest - April 28, 2015

"The more serious concern is in the rural areas, where communication and relief support are sparse. ... ." — Dr. Mark Zimmerman. Read More

Daily Digst - April 27, 2015

"Now, more than ever, there is the need for deliberate conversation, accountability, respect and unity of purpose." — A statement by faith leaders, including Bishop Marcus Matthews . Read More

Daily Digest - April 24, 2015

"The church always supports efforts to resolve differences by diplomacy and negotiations rather than conflict." — Thomas Kemper. Read More

Daily Digest - April 23, 2015

"There is not one organization that will get rid of malaria. We will do this together. This is a cause worth fighting for." — Bishop Thomas Bickerton. Read More

Daily Digest - April 22, 2015

"It is difficult for me to see how resilient this community has had to become, how tough many of their lives are. But they are not complaining." — Tracy Nolan. Read More

Daily Digest - April 21, 2015

A salary is a bishop’s basic financial entitlement, which cannot be curtailed save by judicial or administrative fair process." — Judicial Council decision ... . Read More