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Car Care for Single Moms


Single mothers in Woodstock, Georgia have a little extra room in their gas budgets this month thanks to one local United Methodist church. City on a Hill church members donated more than 7,000 dollars to fill the fuel tanks of almost 300 moms in their local area - and that was just the start. Kim Riemland reports.

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(Locator: Woodstock, Georgia)

Bryan Reed: "That's good. CanI have you pop your hood for me, ma'am?"

Near Atlanta, single mothers like Amber McCain are taking a little break as volunteers from City on a Hill United Methodist Church pump free gas, wash windshields, check oil and even hand out food coupons and cold drinks.

Nancy Bowling: "Hi there! Would you like a cold bottle of water? There you go, glad to have you."

McCain has been without a job for over a year. She heard about the single mom's gas giveaway from a friend.

Amber McCain: "It's definitely taken a lot of stress and worries off just by gas because my tank stays on empty. I'm surprised it even made it down here."

Martha Watts initiated the annual event in 2006. She remembers her own frightening experience as a single mom with young kids.

Martha Watts: "We ran out of gas and we were probably about a block and a half from the gas station, and we had to push the car into the gas station and my six-year-old daughter was helping."

Fellow church members donate cash and care.

This year they'll give away 7,000 dollars in gas to 300 single moms.

Bryan Reed: "Our church has got the motto: 'Don't go to church. Be the church.'"

Over the years, City on a Hill has filled nearly 900 gas tanks. With fuel prices at record highs, recipients are especially grateful.

Lannette Young: "Free gas! Oh my gosh. It's wonderful. I mean the most moneyI spend,I spend on gas. All my money does go to gas."

Volunteers are available to help the moms with anything from adding coolant to offering spiritual encouragement.

Elaine Harowitz: "If you have any prayer concerns whatsoever, please write them down and you can hand them to anyone at the pump."

Nancy Bowling: "They came in expecting the free gas. They were excited to get the free water. But the look of 'ah' in their eyes when you said, 'I would be glad to pray for you,' with no strings attached, that was an ah-ha moment, a God moment. It turned it from getting something free to suddenly being blessed."


City On A Hill United Methodist Church hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, such as ice cream and balloon giveaways at local parks, Easter egg hunts, Trunk-or-Treat and Give a Kid a Chance programs to equip kids to go to school. To contact City On A Hill United Methodist Church, call 678-445-0348 or visit

Posted: May 11, 2011