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Three family Bibles were found in Stephanie Hope's flooded home in Louisiana. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Hope.

Three family Bibles bring a flood of emotion

Stephanie Hope lost her home and all its contents in Louisiana's flood, but her strongest feelings came when she saw her most treasured books. Read More

The emotional cast of Inside Out. Artwork courtesy of Pixar Pictures.

Peace of Mind: Mental Health in the Movies

Sermon series from Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. uses modern movies to explore theological themes around mental and emotional health issues. Read More

Rev. Stephen Bauman


In his blog post "Overboard," the Rev. Stephen Bauman tells the story of a woman transformed by a storm at sea and her understanding of the event twenty years later. Read More

Bishop Kenneth L. Carder

Saved by Story

Positive change emerges from shared stories of pain and struggle more than from quarrels and contentious debates. Read More

The film

There’s always something ‘Greater,’ even if we can’t see it

The film "Greater" explores the life of walk-on football player Brandon Burlesworth and how to keep one's faith when bad things happen to good people. Read More

Methodism ‘a big tent’ from its beginnings

John Wesley’s movement generally has made space for multiple theological views, writes historian. That history can inform the Commission on a Way Forward. Read More

The Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth

Maintaining the church in a chaotic time

In an open letter, the president of Lifewatch writes about the need for a doctrine of the church, or ecclesiology, as the Commission on a Way Forward begins. Read More

Ken Carter is resident bishop of the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church. Photo courtesy of Bishop Ken Carter.

Why We Need Evangelicals: A United Methodist Perspective

Bishop writes, “I cannot allow a beautiful, life-giving word, “evangelical,” to be marginalized, scorned, scapegoated or neglected.” Read More

Bill Murray portrays a TV weatherman who must learn to live from his heart every day in the enduring comedy

Why the best days are ordinary days

Faith calls us to live a Christian life every day, not only on Sundays, holy days or special occasions. Read More