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Image portrays Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles. Courtesy of United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History.

Susanna Wesley: How one woman shaped the Methodist church

Visit to John Wesley's childhood home gives writer surprising insights into his mother's influence. "Susanna by all accounts is the mother of Methodism." Read More

When a United Methodist looks at the Bible, how many books are there?

When it feels things are shifting, stand firm with Scripture

As headlines shake us, the Rev. Stephen Bauman says remember “the recurring human discovery that God is. Behind all things lays a fundamental order.” Read More

The 2016 Wesley pilgrims passed through the same doorway where Francis Asbury said goodbye to his mom and dad before sailing to America. Photo by Joe Iovino, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley Pilgrimage: Bishop Asbury’s difficult departure from home and family

Visit to Asbury's childhood home reminds writer that Methodism's "American saint" was first a son who made a difficult decision to go where God called. Read More

John & Charles Wesley and the early Methodists built The New Room to house their meetings. Photo by Joe Iovino, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley Pilgrimage: The New Room - Loving God and people yesterday and today

United Methodists attend the Wesley Pilgrimage to commune with the Holy Spirit who moved in the Wesleys and the early Methodists. Read More

A time to save lives and do justice

United Methodist pastor writes, “We must focus on those most vulnerable and ask why their presence conjures up so much fear and violence.” Read More

Nashville church welcomes Pokemon Go players to its campus to show interest in them and to promote the church as a place of inclusion. Photo by Steven Adair, United Methodist Communications.

Pokémon Goes to Church

"However we can interact with people, we are called to do so in a loving way," says one church that is welcoming players of a new mobile phone game. Read More

John & Charles Wesley are alumni of Christ Church in Oxford. Photo by Joe Iovino, United Methodist Communications.

Wesley Pilgrimage: Oxford history inspires today

Columnist Joe Iovino was inspired by what he learned about Oxford – the university and the city – in the days of the Wesleys. Read More

Scott Gilpin is the Executive Director of Fund Development for Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

How to respond to a crisis: Do something!

Scott Gilpin writes about his experiences at the September 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi and his suggestions on how we should respond to crises. Read More

Commentary: Conferences progress toward LGBTQ equality

Matt Berryman writes that annual conference votes built on the General Conference action are moving the denomination toward full inclusion of LGBTQ. Read More

The Rev. Thomas Lambrecht is vice president and general manager of Good News, an unofficial United Methodist renewal group. Photo courtesy of the Rev. Thomas Lambrecht.

Commentary: Widening the church’s sexuality divide

General Conference hit pause on the sexuality debate, but the Rev. Thomas Lambrecht writes that votes by some United Methodist annual conferences move toward schism. Read More

Bishop Mike Coyner. Photo courtesy of the Council of Bishops.

Another Day, Another Shooting

"We must not be apathetic. We must not get used to all of this violence. We must be peace-makers, especially in our faith communities," writes Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner. Read More