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Photo by Maidstone Mulenga.

Bishop Minerva Carcaño presents a report to the Council of Bishops.

Bishops support plan to fund immigration crisis ministry


United Methodist Council of Bishops

May 4, 2017

Dallas, Texas: The Council of Bishops today voted to support a proposal to seek $200,000 for immigration and migration crisis ministry for jurisdictional immigration task forces that are being organized to resource annual conferences.

A proposal for funding will be presented to the Connectional Table at its upcoming meeting by the United Methodist Immigration Task Force. The funding would be shared equally among five jurisdictional immigration task forces to train and organize conference leaders to address the immigration and migration crisis.

In seeking support of the bishops, The Council of Bishops Immigration Task Force noted that immigration and migration work of The United Methodist Church has been left in the care of its boards and agencies, and racial-ethnic plans and caucuses but without any funding for this critical work.

“It has been assumed that the boards and agencies, and racial-ethnic plans and caucuses would simply absorb the cost,” Task Force Chair Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño said, adding that “No budget request has been made thus far. Boards and agencies, and racial-ethnic plans and caucuses have covered the cost of this ministry and have done faithful work in behalf of the whole Church.”

Additionally, the bishops approved a recommendation to approve and set a Sunday in the fall of this year to “prayerfully remember the plight of migrants all around the globe, and gather an offering that would be dedicated to responding to the human suffering caused by forced migration.” 


Contact: Rev. Maidstone Mulenga 
Director of Communications – Council of Bishops
202-748-5172 (office) or 585-455-5683 (cell)