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Job Opening

Youth Minister

Nashville, Tennessee (TN) 37027

This open Youth Minister position is a part of the Center for Youth Ministry Training's (CYMT) Graduate Residency program. In addition to the Nashville area, CYMT has open positions across Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky.

The CYMT graduate residency in Youth Ministry includes:

About the Center for Youth Ministry Training
Founded in partnership with Brentwood United Methodist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, CYMT is a three-year graduate residency program in collaboration with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Memphis Theological Seminary. During the program, each youth ministry resident is placed in a local church as a part-time youth minister. Each youth ministry resident receives an all-inclusive scholarship that covers tuition, books and housing and provides a $1,000 per month stipend. Acceptance to the residency program is competitive and is limited to a cohort of 24 students per year.

Regional Locations
The CYMT works with a variety of denominations. Our Nashville Regional Campus seeks to partner with churches within a 4-hour radius of Memphis where our partner seminary is located. Our Texas Regional Campus seeks to partner with churches within a 3-hour radius of Austin.

Four Core Components of CYMT

Cohort - You'll be part of cohort of 12 peers. Together, you'll learn about youth ministry and theology. Your cohort is part of a dynamic caring community of 40+ youth workers. You will develop life-long relationships that encourage and support you in your ministry.

Coaching - Receive regular coaching from a youth ministry veteran to help apply what you've learned and master ministry skills. Your coach will also help your church staff and congregation develop a healthy understanding of the role of youth ministry in the life of the church.

Classroom - The coursework is designed to help you understand more than just what to do in youth ministry. You'll learn to think theologically about the ministry you lead and have the knowledge to design ministry programs that help students develop a deep, life-changing Christian faith.

Church - Gain in-the-trenches youth ministry experience by serving 25 hours per week in a local church. Working part-time as a youth pastor during your education allows you to put all the pieces together--everything you learn from the peers in your cohort, the professors in the classroom and from your coach. The CYMT partners with local congregations.


Application Process
The Early Admissions Deadline is November 15th, 2016. The final deadline is March 15, 2017. For more information, please visit Interested candidates MUST apply thorough to be considered.