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Job Opening

Minister of Nurture and Outreach

Panama City, Florida (FL) 32401

Duties and Responsibilities

Minister of Nurture and Outreach is a full-time program ministry staff position. The Minister of Nurture and Outreach’s main purposes are to offer church staff administrative support and leadership to the program ministries of our church that provide for pastoral care of church members and surrounding community (as needed), help connect people with our church (both those who are first time visitors and those who are potential first time visitors), and ministries that seek to send our own members forth into our community and beyond, to serve others. The Minister of Nurture and Outreach is not simply an administrative role.  The Minister of Nurture and Outreach must sense a call of God on his or her life to be in full-time Christian service.


The Minister of Nurture and Outreach (MNO) is an integral part of the ministerial leadership of the church, along with the pastor, the music director, the children’s minister, and the youth minister. Although the MNO may not be ordained or in process of licensing a local pastor, he or she will shepherd and nurture adults in the congregation and will have a vital role in accomplishing the mission of the whole church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Consulting and coordinating with the Pastor, the MNO will guide committee meetings, offer pastoral care in homes and in hospitals, nursing homes, etc., and will assist in the overall administrative tasks of the church office to implement various committee goals and decisions.


The MNO is directly supervised by the Pastor and is ultimately accountable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee and to the policies of The Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2016, the Administrative Council of St. Andrew United Methodist Church, and the SAUMC Staff-Parish Relations Committee Personnel Handbook.

Hours: 40 hours, full-time

Salary: $35,000 to $39,000 annually (salary based on experience and expertise)


Primary Duties


Oversee all communications for the church – internal and external publications as needed and/or requested by various committee and program ministries.
Provide supervision for staff (e.g. Administrative Assistant) and/or volunteers responsible for producing weekly bulletins, bi-monthly print newsletter, and weekly e-newsletter
Maintain and update church website and all staff related email accounts, resolving problems when they arise



Communications (continued):

Organize and create mass mailings to the community approximately 3 times a year (in preparation for Easter, for Back to School, and for Advent/Christmas)
Organize and oversee consistent presence for St. Andrew through pertinent social media outlets, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.


Church Office Responsibilities:

Organize employees and volunteers to make sure the church office is open and staffed during regular office hours: 8am – 3pm, Monday – Thursday.
Resource and supervise Church Secretary in the day to day operating duties of the church, including but not limited to the ordering of cleaning supplies, kitchen and bathroom supplies, the weekly preparations for Wednesday Night Suppers and on-going programs/ministries of the church, committee meeting notifications, and other office work as needed.
Resource and supervise the Church Secretary in matters relating to equipping the church office for effectiveness, e.g. copier contract and maintenance issues; phone, fax, and email functioning; adequate office supplies.


Ministry Committee Responsibilities:

Be the primary ministerial staff person attending Mission Committee meetings and facilitating the work of the Mission Committee by offering administrative support to their initiatives. Provide guidance and resources for the Mission Committee that help the group to engage our congregation in service to God through mission work in the local community and beyond.
Be the primary ministerial staff person attending the Visitation and Welcoming Committee meetings and facilitating their work in making contact with members of our church and community in need of care and compassion, as well as in their work of making initial contact with those who are first-time guests to our church worship.
Attend and report to the Administrative Council Meetings and Charge Conference (staff member with voice but no vote).
Be the primary ministerial staff person helping our congregation engage in ministries of Outreach to the community, e.g. events/programs/initiatives that focus on exposing as many people possible in our community the ministry and mission of St. Andrew UMC.


Pastoral Care Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the Senior Pastor offer pastoral care to those in hospitals, at home, in nursing homes, etc. who are in medical/emotional/spiritual crisis.
Be the primary ministerial staff on-call to provide pastoral care 1-2 days per week and 1 weekend per month.


Worship Responsibilities:

Participate in weekly worship services by leading prayers and liturgies
Attend worship (with the exception of sick or bereavement leave/vacation leave) even when participation in worship is not expected.


Other Duties as Assigned



Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Requirements

Belief in Saint Andrew’s mission, methods, principles, and structure
Desire to serve God through working in the church; exhibit an eagerness to help others know the gift of salvation available through Jesus Christ
Spiritual maturity, including a commitment to continued growth as a disciple of Christ
Evidence spiritual gifts of nurture and compassion that will assist in establishing relationships with parishioners and others in need of pastoral care
Knowledge of and experience with the principles and practices of public relations and technologies utilized in marketing (databases, emarketing, etc.)
High-level organizational skills with attention to details
Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills
Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships with staff, volunteers, business and community leaders, representatives of civic and community organizations, media, and the general public
Experience with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Publisher, and Windows 8 (or later version) required
Experience with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is preferred
Experience with website development and maintenance is preferred


Education Requirements

• Bachelor’s Degree, with major/minor in Christian Education, Religion, or other Ministry focus, preferred.