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Job Opening

Director of the Center for Congregational Excellence

Columbia, Missouri (MO) 65202

One of the primary ways the annual conference delivers on the mission of leading congregations to lead people to actively follow Jesus Christ is through the work of the Center for Congregational Excellence. The director for the center works primarily in two areas: 1) new church development and 2) transformational change within existing congregations. The director reports to bishop of the Missouri Annual Conference, is accountable to the Congregational Development Team and works collaboratively with the bishop, directors, chancellors, cabinet and Mission Council on missional and connectional issues to fulfill the mission of the conference.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Implements and supervises new church starts, re-starts and new faith communities
  2. Identifies and recruits clergy talent for new church starts and congregational revitalization
  3. Implements and supervises, in cooperation with district superintendents, church transformation and intervention processes
  4. Coaches and equips clergy and congregations to initiate and lead change
  5. Mentors, helps offer strategic direction and provides feedback for new church planters and clergy/congregations involved in healthy church transitions
  6. Implements and supervises all language-based new and existing congregations (i.e. Hispanic and other language-based congregations)
  7. Manages and provides feedback for the grant process for New Church Starts within the Missouri Conference
  8. Provides co-management and oversight to the Missouri Conference urban strategy
  9. Implements Pastor Leadership development processes with coordination of the Center for Pastoral Excellence
  10. Supervises Congregational Excellence staff
  11. Coordinates and serves as liaison to Congregational Development Team
  12. Serves on the Appointive Cabinet
  13. Supervises the Congregation Excellence budget
  14. Collaborative work with other conference leadership
  15. Serves on Mission Council