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Job Opening

Director of Small Group Ministries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA) 70802

Director of Adult Small Group Ministries

First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge looking for someone with a passion and proven experience of creating and building Small Group Ministries.  Dreamer, Visionary, and an innovative spirit are desirable qualities high on our list. The Director of Small Group Ministries is able to call forth, mentor and unleash laity for dynamic leadership. We want someone who is going to come here and rock our world for Jesus! This person will embrace the mission of this church: Transforming lives by increasing the number of people personally committed to Christ and actively living out Love3 (their love of God, love of Self, and love of Others). Salary commensurate with experience.

Preferred Qualification:
Proven success in developing and leading small group ministry

All First United Methodist Staff demonstrate the following Core Competencies:  
Mission Ownership
Spiritual Maturity
Team Orientation
Creativity and Innovation
Ethics and Values
Personal Resilience
Care and Compassion

We want someone who will prepare the soil for connecting people into small groups!

to apply send resume:
Rev. Becky Poor
First United Methodist Church
930 North Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70802