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#lemonface Challenge in the California-Pacific Conference


California-Pacific Conference
February 25th, 2015

Donate to Imagine No Malaria or drink an ounce of pure lemon juice!

The #lemonface challenge, started February 2015 in the California-Pacific Conference, motivates all of us to save lives in Sub-Saharan Africa from the disease of malaria.

Why #lemonface?

Well, that is simple: because if you drink an ounce of pure lemon juice, you will make a face!

More importantly, a wonderful leader in the Imagine No Malaria initiative named Wendy has challenged her local church to set up “lemon-aid” stands everywhere to raise funds.  Her championing the cause has inspired all of us to step up our own efforts!

Check out one of the first videos of Steve Hundley, executive director for connectional ministries, taking the #lemonface challenge here.