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Transcript: Ukulele Choir Connects Church Members


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(Locator: Portland, Oregon)

(Music) “Wake up hear the sound, rise up.”

Jane Landrum: “I think the best part is performing for people because we practice so hard and it makes people happy to see us play.”

Sheri Clark: “The whole church is very proud of us. Some of them kind of say, ‘Why can’t you play in our service?’  They get jealous of every service we play in.”

Rob Davis: “Joining the ukulele choir and performing with the ukulele choir has enhanced my faith journey.”

(Music) “Always we pray. Always we give.”

The Rev. Joe Stobaugh, Grace United Methodist Church: “It’s changed our church in some really profound ways. It’s given a really unique opportunity for people to get involved in music and leading in worship.”

The Rev. Joe Stobaugh, Grace United Methodist Church: “My name is Rev. Joe Stobaugh and I serve at Grace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco, Texas as the Executive Minister of Worship and Arts.”

(Music) “I ain’t going to study war no more.”

Rob Davis: “When Joe brought this forward, this idea of a ukulele choir, I thought ‘he’s crazy.’  But you know what, I need a little bit of crazy in my life. Let’s go ahead and try it, sounds like fun. It’s crazy things like that, that just bring life and excitement, not just to the members of the choir, but to the members of the church and the church body as a whole.”

The Rev. Joe Stobaugh, Grace United Methodist Church: “We’re hoping to soon get sort of a city-wide ukulele society that will be able to bring folks (in) who would have otherwise never set foot in a church. I think it’s vitally important for churches and church leaders to embrace innovative and new ideas. The Holy Spirit goes before us and is doing wonderful things. We’ve got incredible ways in which we can move out into the world in mission and in worship together.”

(Music) “Wade in the water.”