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Transcript: Church Drum Ministry Shares Musical Gifts


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Charles Hill: "The reason I come to this church is to pray to God, celebrate God, and play the drums.”

Roy Gomes: "Oh yes, we have wonderful attendance because of the steel drum. It has picked up tremendously."

Shayne Houston: "One thing that brought me to the church specifically was the drums."

Winsone Blacek: "And from the moment that Sunday when I came and listened to those kids play the drums, they just captured me right there and then I am a member of Westchester."

The Rev. Gordon A.R. Edwards: "I am Gordon A.R Edwards, Senior Pastor at Westchester United Methodist Church in The Bronx, New York."

Edwards: "The Steel Pan rose out of the cultural experience of the membership."

Carlene Brown: "There are about 28 different cultures in the church. We have different parts of the Caribbean and parts of Africa. But what kind of binds us all together is the religion and the music."

Edwards: "In a real sense the steel pan is the hope of this congregation."

Kasey Oliver: "They’re singing, they’re clapping, dancing, they’re screaming, sometimes they’re crying. It really motivates them to worship God.”

Carlene Brown: "It awakens something in me. Maybe it’s that African ancestry, that beat, the beat of the drum. I’m in church and I hear the music and I cannot stand still. It brings me back to the point, we were created to praise. We should not be sitting; we should be praising."

Charles Hill: "My gift from God is definitely playing the pan. Once you find your gift from God, I'm telling you, you’re going to want to do it all the time."

Kasey Oliver: "My spiritual gift is music. Everyone has a spiritual gift."

Edwards: "We are living in times when people tend to transition and transition a lot, and the congregations go through those transitions in terms of numbers, in terms of growth. If churches are going to grow they have to look within themselves, hone the skills and the gifts they have, and whatever their gifts might be in the congregation, put those at the disposal of the community. And it becomes one of those tools that God uses to grow the church. That’s what we did here at Westchester."