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Eight-year-old spends summer helping those in need


Lindsay Mae Stanfield, an 8-year-old United Methodist from Nashville, Tennessee, decided she would rather spend her summer vacation helping others. So, Stanfield, a member at Dalewood United Methodist Church, daily sold lemonade, cookies, brownies, friendship jewelry and other items at a table in her front yard, with the goal to give all money earned to help homeless people and people with cancer. What she learned along the way is that she could still have a good time.

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(Locator: Hendersonville, TN)

Lindsay Stanfield: “My name is Lindsay Mae Stanfield. I’m doing this sale that helps the people who are homeless and the people who have cancer, which is where we are giving money to them to go do the things they need to do or to help them. And our goal is $1000 and we want to split that money.

I was thinking about doing a sale. At first, I started off just making the money and keeping it. But then I thought of an idea, it just popped up in my brain that was very good, that I would like to do, it would be fun to do in the summer, which was to give that money to the charity, to help them.

We are selling brownies, cookies, bubbles, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, two popsicles. Some people give me dollars, some people give me 20 bucks, or 10 or five. It doesn’t matter. I’ll take any money.

I used my summer to do something helpful. And not spend the good time, but I still had a good time doing this."

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This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN. Media contact is Diane Degnan, 615-742-5406.

This video was first posted on July 14, 2017.