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UMCmarket: Shop, Save, AND Support This Holiday Season

With the recent unveiling of our new and improved platform, United Methodist church members can shop, save, and support, all with the click of their mouse.

Working with Tribute, Inc. the relaunched UMCmarket provides an enhanced user experience, regular distribution of micro-donations and the addition of hundreds of savings offers for participants. The site domain still

Tribute President, Doug Spear said “We are very excited to support GCFA’s vision for church members to have the ability to make micro-donations that benefit United Methodist church ministries. Tribute’s product platform is ideally suited to enable and enhance the UMCmarket program, and we look forward to providing a program that benefits the ministry of local churches.”

Visit  Follow the sign-up instructions. Use the Browser button and you don’t have to remember to visit UMCmarket again – until you want to check out the newest feature – online and in-store coupons to save you even more when you shop. 

UMCmarket is helping over 33,000 local churches and ministries raise funds for their individual ministries.  We are hearing stories of the ability to pay for VBS and music ministry supplies that are being made possible because local church members use UMCMarket for their online shopping.  A safe, cost efficient and creative way to fund your ministries – and with very little effort on the part of your ministry supporters.  Find resources to let your church know at

Got a story to tell about how UMCmarket has benefited your ministry??  Please share with us!  GCFA would like to feature it in an upcoming The Ministry Minute.  Please contact us at 866-367-4232 or by email at

UMCmarket by the numbers (since relaunch):

Registered users: 4,600 and climbing!
Average number of users enrolling per day: 58
Average donation percentage: 4.35%