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What Cheer United Methodist Church

106 East Broadway Street, What Cheer, IA 50268





Welcome to our church family. The What Cheer UMC is a unique place where people are welcomed and valued just as they are, yet challenged to become more; where hearts are warmed and hope is reborn; where worship is real and relevant and mission matters. A Bishop once wrote, "The two deepest needs of the human spirit are to belong and to become." It is those very human needs that our churches are trying to meet. Real help for real needs. Yes, our world is complicated, fast-paced, and changing; but our church remains a safe haven where each one of us had a purpose and a place. You are welcome here!

We are a young church with a median age between thirty and forty. Our worship services are upbeat and speak directly to the tough issues and faith matters that families face. We use a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles and settings. Our goal is to take seriously the call to be welcoming and loving. Everything in our church is faith based and Christ centered. We have a relaxed, come-as-you-are attitude about everything from small groups to Sunday worship. It is our belief that God is more concerned about our hearts than our clothes. And we are seeking to be diligent in remaining in love with our Lord. Every ministry of our church flows from that love.


Our Services

What Cheer United Methodist Church
106 East Broadway Street
What Cheer, IA 50268
(641) 634-2205

What We Offer

Our church has something for just about everyone. We have a large menu of children's and youth activities. Events like our lock-ins, retreats, confirmation classes, Vacation Bible School, Family Day, Back to School Party, etc...are all well attended. We offer several short term and topical Bible Studies and small group activities. We have a Senior's on-going group. We provide congregational care programs that care for the sick, shut-ins, and bereaved. We have a significant prayer ministry in the church. We have offered such creative ministries as: Parenting Classes, Grief Support, Marriage Encounters, and "Date Night" for couples. We provide the community a plethora of helps and services. Among them are: The Cookie Walk, Christmas Store, an Emergency Fund, the Food Pantry, et al. Our goal is to provide a meaningful door through which people can find their way in and fulfill God's purposes in their lives.


Vincent D Homan


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Driving Directions

The church is one block east of Hwy 21.

Iowa Annual Conference
Southeast District
100% Apportionment