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Georgetown United Methodist Church

1070 Georgetown Road, Bart, PA 17503





Thank you for visiting. You are always welcome. The United Methodist Church has many doors through which people share in serving God and others. Whether you visit in person or online, we hope you discover something here to encourage you in your spiritual journey.

Together we can open hearts, open minds and open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church.

Church can happen anywhere.  It happens when we create learning opportunities that transform lives. It happens when we create safe environments where children can play and learn. It happens when education makes the path to citizenship a little easier. And when our sacrifices help nourish students’ minds and bodies. That’s putting beliefs into action.

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Georgetown United Methodist Church
1070 Georgetown Road
Bart, PA 17503
(717) 786-2510


Linda Harnish


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Driving Directions

The Georgetown United Methodist Church is located on Route 896 in the village of Georgetown, PA (Bart Township). Georgetown is appoximately 6 miles south of Strasburg and 6 miles east of Quarryville.

Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference
Southwest District