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27 Nov

Online workshop based on Will Willimon’s book, ‘Fear of the Other: No Fear In Love’

Time & Date

Event Starts:
11/27/2017 12:00PM
Event Ends:
12/09/2017 5:00PM
Time Zone

CT - Central Time

Contact Info:

Lisa Buffum

Event Details

In our world, in the United States, in our neighborhoods, in our schools and businesses, even in our congregations, there is too much fear. The bruising U.S. political campaign we endured last year is only the most obvious expression of it. What can we do, as followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to encourage safety and peace in our own locations, beginning with our own hearts? This short course is a beginning, considering Jesus’ call to love, not fear, not tolerate, but love others, because Jesus has loved us. It is a journey that is very relevant to today’s world. Participants must purchase the new book, "Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love" by Bishop William H. Willimon, which is not included in the course fee. This new course is currently under consideration by Discipleship Ministries to be an official Lay Servant Ministries advanced course. In the meantime, conferences and districts may choose to recognize this class for LSM credit apart from Discipleship Ministries. Ask your district Lay Academy director about this possibility. This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU. Price: $50

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